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Sake Japanese Alcohol

Sake, a product not well known in the UK

Sake is little known in France and often confused with a distilled alcohol made from sake which has a strength of between 40 ° and 60 °. You have to associate sake in Japan with what wine is in France. A drink measuring between 12 ° and 20 ° serving as an accompaniment for meals or as an aperitif. The production of sake follows the main stages which are: work on the rice (polishing, soaking and cooking), fermentation of the rice using yeasts specific to each producer, bottling.
There are 2 types of sake, Futsu Shu, a sake for everyday consumption without great demands on rice quality, polishing, yeast quality or maturation time. Tokutei Meisho Shu, a more upscale appellation sake that will meet quality criteria both on the polishing of the rice grain (the higher the%, the more the heart of the rice grain is discovered and the quality of the sake increases) and on the addition (Honjozo Shu) or not (Jummai Shu) of alcohol after fermentation then a time of maturation before filtering and bottling.

Kampai with a cup of Sake of course !