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Rum Matusalem Rum Dominican Republic

Currently Matusalen Rums are produced in the Dominican Republic

Claudio Alvarez is the great-grandson of the founder Eduardo Camp. However, the origin of these rums and their heart is in Cuba. The Cuban revolution led by Fidel Castro forced the owners into exile but the fierce desire of Matusalen Rums is to return to produce in Cuba. In 1872, the brothers Benjamin and Eduardo Camp created a distillery in Santaiago de Cuba and registered the "Matusalem" brand. The Matusalem Rum is a Molasses Rum using the Solera technique (when aging in oak barrels, the young freshly distilled rum benefits from regular blending between the different vintages, the oldest “educating” the youngest they import. from their native Spain The Ron Matusalem was very quickly a big success.

Ron Matusalem's importer in France describes them as follows:
"Matusalem rums are available in several qualities: Platino, white rum (40 °), of great purity; Solera (40 °), 7 years of solera, powerful, generous and of great sweetness; Clasico (40 ° ), 10 years of solera; Gran Reserva (40 °), 15 years of solera, smooth, suave, of such aromatic complexity that it was nicknamed the cognac of rum, and crowned best rum in the world by the Institute American of Taste in 1999. 

Discover Ron Matusalemn a Rum from Solera