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Do you know Bruichladdich Islay whiskeys?

The creation of the Bruichladdich distillery dates back to 1881 on the west coast of Islay opposite Bowmore, but it was really in the 2000s after its takeover by Murray Mac David, an independent bottler that Bruichladdich took off under the form we know him.

The most peaty Bruichladdich whiskey in the world

This Islay distillery produces 3 kinds of whiskeys under 3 different brands so as not to cause confusion in the mind of the consumer, (each brand has its own style) Bruichladdich (unpeated whiskeys), Port Charlotte (very peaty whiskey) and Octomore (Hyper Peat Whiskey !!) but also a Gin, the Gin Botanist. The people of Bruichladdich describe themselves as nonconformists, easily breaking with tradition and exploring new avenues. The distiller and cellar master Jim Mc Ewan (a defector from Bowmore since he worked there for 37 years) no longer counts the finishing tests he has attempted. Bruichladdich's style is marked by saline notes, hints of salted butter caramel, biscuit and fruity notes of lemon and green apple. All this is also due to the shapes of the stills whose necks are very elongated, this characteristic helps to produce this delicious Islay whiskey quite light and fluid. Bruichladdich's policy is to promote short circuits, supply contracts for barley (sometimes organic) have been signed with farmers from Islay and a bottling line has been set up on Islay in order to anchor itself in the landscape. societal aspect of the island. Bruichladdich operates the Port Charlotte brand because it uses its aging cellars, however, Bruichladdich is investigating the possibility of re-opening the Port Charlotte distillery entirely, which would make noise in the whiskey-loving world.

Since 2012, the distillery has come under the control of the Rémy Cointreau Group, which has asked the teams in place not to change anything in their habits.

Now you know the whole story of these Bruichladdich whiskeys