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Buy Wine in the Best Calais Wine shops Olivier Vins & Cie and Calais Vins.

Where to buy wine, Champagne and beer in Calais?

Our two wine stores welcome you close to Calais’s Port and the Eurotunnel. Calais Vins shop is just five minutes from the port of Calais and Olivier Vins & Cie is just a step from the shuttle terminal in Frethun. Buying wine in our Calais superstores is easy for you.

Get the best wine deals and wine offers in Calais

To make the most of your visit to Calais and France, you will certainly be looking forward to buying wine in Calais for Christmas, weddings and special events. Buying wine in Calais with our tax refund system is like getting a free ferry crossing with your duty free rebate.

Why is buying wine in Calais worth a free ferry crossing?

You’re certainly looking for a discount code or promotional deals to buy wine in Calais? We offer you more. With the reintroduction of duty free, the deal on buying wine is all year long. We are here to help our British customers to claim back the VAT. You will receive a voucher in store allowing you to claim the VAT back. This leads to about 15% of discounts on wine purchased in Calais. For instance, if you buy £800 of wine, you will get about £120 duty refunded.

What’s happening with Calais wine after Brexit?

With the reality of Brexit, you can still buy wine in Calais. But there are now some restrictions on the quantities of wines, spirits and beers when you return to the UK.

You can bring back to the UK per person
•    Beer - 42 litres
•    Wine (not sparkling) - 18 litres (24 Bottles of 75 cl)
•    Sparkling wine 9 litres (equivalent to 12 bottles of 75 cl)

How the duty-free works when buying wine, Champagne or beers in Calais?

When purchasing your wine at Calais Vins, we offer a smooth transaction for our British customers. We have set up a back office system to help you which takes just five minutes.

French people pay the VAT in France.  But you, as British citizens, are going to enjoy your wine, champagne, spirits and beer in the United Kingdom, that is to say outside the European Union. You are therefore entitled to claim back the VAT you paid in France provided you can prove that you are leaving the European Union territory. This is where we come in. We have teamed up with customs to process this for you and joined forces with SkipTax and Global Blue to facilitate the transaction.

A tax free form for your wine in Calais

As you would expect, you browse the vast selection of wines, beers and spirits, and pay at the cash desk as normal. And we then take care of providing the tax-free voucher so you can claim the VAT back. We generate this Tax-Free Form for you in store on all of your purchases.
This document certifies your purchases and the amount of VAT you can claim back. This amount will be credited to a payment card within 3-5 days.

The procedure at the ferry port or Eurotunnel terminal

The only thing you need to do is scan the barcode on the tax free form. By scanning this document, it proves to the French authorities that you (and the wine you bought in Calais!) are actually leaving the European Union.

With Global Blue
Collect your Tax-Free Form from the store.
Scan the bar code on the form at the kiosks located at the PABLO terminal in the ferry port. Located in the main building after the customs. Or in the passenger building for Eurotunnel.

With Skiptax
Download the free app and scan your passport.
Shop and then scan your receipt.
Scan the bar code generated by Skiptax at the departure terminal. Receive your refund within 48 hours.

The Calais Grape Escape: two wine shops with 25 years of experience in the wine business

Best choices of wines in Calais

We guarantee you the most for your visit when buying wine in Calais.  We offer you suggestions and advice to make the most of your shopping experience here at Calais Vins and Olivier Vins et Cie.

The Calais Grape Escape

This is The Grape Escape we want to share with you! Not only will you find the best beer and spirits choice in Calais but you will have a unique experience. Here at Calais Vins and Oliviers Vins& Cie we take care of you. Not only do we sort out the tax, here you will discover some of France’s finest wines, famous names such as Chablis, Sancerre, Fleurie, Pomard, Nuits Saint Georges Saint Emilion, Saint Julien, Pomerol, Médoc, Côtes du Rhone, Côtes Rotie, Vacqueyras, Gigondas, many from the best-known wine names like Jaboulet, Guigal, Louis Latour, Joseph Drouhin, Gérard Bertrand and many more…

Wine tastings bar

If you are struggling to choose between various wines. Our Calais Grape Escape means that we welcome you at our free tasting bar. Our professional sommeliers will join you and offer expert advice, taking into account your tastes, your palate. And also understanding and advising if your purchases are for a special occasion, such as a wedding or birthday…

Perfect Wine Merchants to buy your Wedding wine

Our wedding service and our wine experts welcome you and help you to choose your perfect wedding wines within your budget.