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Tequila is produced in Mexico from an Agave Tequilana cactus

To obtain the designation of “Tequila”, this alcohol must imperatively be produced in the State of Jalisco and in some towns of the States of Nayarit, Guanajuato, Tamaulipas and Michoacan.

There are four kinds of tequila: Blanco, Gold, Reposado and Anejo. Tequila blanco is transparent and obtained after the second distillation and without aging in barrels. Tequila joven is a tequila blanco aged in oak barrels to which it is colorant (usually caramel) and flavorings are added. Tequila reposado is a blanco tequila left to stand for at least two months in oak barrels; it tastes slightly sweeter than tequila blanco. It is the most consumed in Mexico. Anejo and extra anejo tequila must remain at least one year for the anejo and 3 years for the extra anejo in an oak barrel sealed by a government officer. The color of these tequilas is darker than the reposado tequila. A new trend is to consider finishes in whiskey or rum casks. We offer the brands Avion, Mariachi and Sangre Azteca.

Make your Cocktails Margarita, Tequila Sunrise, Acapulco and Coco Loco with a good Tequila ...