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Eaux de Vies and Brandy

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In this Eaux de Vie category we include wine brandies, cider brandies, beer brandies, brandies, fruit brandies of wider geographical origins, including origins other than France. Cognacs, Armagnacs, Calvados which are of course brandies of wine or cider are the subject of a category in their own right. A fruit brandy follows the following process. Fermentation or maceration of the fruits then Distillation of the latter. The fruits must be of excellent quality (hard to imagine a good result with an average ingredient !!!), depending on the fruit, maceration or fermentation is used before distilling the product of this product in copper stills. maceration or fermentation. The heart of the heating is kept and placed in a vat or in large glass carboys to allow the brandy to age. Only the old plum is kept in barrels, other fruit brandies do not see the wood because it is the fruity character that the producer wishes to highlight in his production. We offer you the famous Vieille Prune de Souillac from the Louis Roques distillery, but also products from the Kuhri, Biercée, Framboise de Brana but also Williamine de Morand distillery. The brandies of wines, ciders or beers follow the same process. Production of the product then distillation, aging in wood or not, then bottling. We offer cider brandies from Brittany, beer flower, brandies from France and Spain such as Soberano, Asbach Uralt Original from Germany or even Grappa from Italy Nardini or Alexander.

Mixology once again gives pride of place to Eaux de Vie and Brandy.