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Traditional Rum Molasses Rum

Taditional Rum, Rum from molasses

This rum is also qualified as Industrial Rum or Sugar Rum. The difference with an agricultural rum is in how the raw material, the sugar from the cane sugar will be used and in what form. Sugar cane molasses is the by-product of the cane sugar crystallization process. Molasses is a very thick, sticky substance that is very dark brown in color. Indeed, industrial or traditional rum is called like that because it comes from the industrial process of sugar production. The liquefied sugar cane molasses (which still contains 50% of sugar not extracted by centrifuging) is thus fermented for 48 to 72 hours and then distilled. Molasses rums are not for all that "sub-rums", there are fabulous molasses rums, and it is very difficult to find the origin of sugar (vesou or molasses) when tasting certain rums. The quality of rum does not come down to the origin of the sugar during fermentation, but also owes a lot to distillation and aging.

Hispanic or British rums are generally made from cane sugar molasses