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Wines of Liqueurs or Mistelles

Liqueur Wine or Mistelle

These aperitifs are obtained by adding a neutral alcohol (generally a wine brandy) to an unfermented grape must. This has the effect of stopping alcoholic fermentation (a process which transforms the sugar in the must into a degree of alcohol). The sugar in the must, which is not transformed into alcohol, gives Liqueur Wines this natural sweetness. Here are some examples of mistelles in France and abroad. Pineau des Charentes, Floc de Gascogne, Macvin du Jura, Cartagena from Languedoc, Ratafia from Champagne or Burgundy. The Pommeau de Normandie or de Bretagne is a mistelle made from apple juice and not from grape must, but the basic principle remains the same.

According to the classification logic in France, Ports should be classified as Natural Sweet Wines because the fermentation of grape must is stopped between 6 ° and 8 ° by adding alcohol. Except they are classified in Wines of Liqueurs. It is the same with Le Maydie from Château d'Aydie the Laplace family from Château d'Aydie "liqueur wine" obtained using the same procedures as Port but with Madiran grape must as a base.