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White Rum, Amber Rum, Old Rum, Agricole Rum, Solera Rum ...

Rum is an alcohol produced from sugar cane. Sugar cane is cultivated as soon as certain conditions are met: heat, strong sunshine, rich and well-drained soils. It is therefore not surprising to find sugar cane in so many places around the world. (South America, Caribbean, Florida, Mexico, Nicaragua India, Philippines, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Madagascar, Réunion, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa and many others ....). It is therefore not surprising to discover almost as many origins of rums as there are sugarcane producing countries. The Don papa rums from the Philippines are currently a treat for us and it is a safe bet that in a few years we will be talking about Chinese or Indian rums.
There are two categories of rums: agricultural rum made from vesou, (the juice of sugar cane) and sugar rum, a rum made from molasses (a by-product from the manufacture of sugar). A rum occurs in several stages. First the crushing of the cane from which a juice is extracted (vesou), then the fermentation of this vesou or molasses in order to obtain a slightly alcoholic juice (between 5 ° to 10 °). distilled to obtain white rum. This white rum will become an Amber Rum during aging in wooden barrels for 1 to 2 years. An old rum will have aged at least 3 years in cask and an Hors d'Age will have spent more than 5 years in cask. We offer a very wide choice of Rums on our site but also in the cellar. For more information call us 7/7 from 10h00 to 19h00 on 03 21 36 40 40. Here are some names to make your mouth water. Angostura, Arcane, Appleton Estate, AH Riise, Botran, Barcelo, Barbancourt, Caroni, Centenario, Chantal Conte, Chamarel, Clément, Cockspur, Damoiseau, Depaz, Diplomatico, Don Papa, Doorly's, Dos Madeiras, Fortin, Havana Club, HSE, Karukéra, La Favorite, Matusalem, Medellin, Mezan, Millonario, Mulata, Neisson, New Grove, PMG, Père Labat, Relicario, Rivière du Mat, Seale's, Santa Lucia, Santa Teresa, Savana, Séverin, Toucan, Trois Rivières, Zacapa and as arranged rums Boucaneries or Rums du Ced.

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