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Rhum Agricole

Agricole rum

An agricultural rum is a rum whose source of sugar is only sugar cane juice otherwise called Vesou. The fermentation of this Vesou makes it possible to obtain a cane wine which has a strength of 5 °, then this cane wine is distilled in a distillation column to obtain the Rum which generally has a strength of 70 °. Rums from the French influence zone are generally agricultural rums while rums from the English or Spanish historical influence zones are molasses rums.

There are several varieties of agricultural rums.

white agricultural rum
agricultural straw or golden rum (12 months in oak barrels)
amber agricultural rum (minimum 18 months in oak barrels)old agricultural rum

which breaks down into

agricultural rum VO 3 years
agricultural rum VSOP 4 years
agricultural rum XO 6 years
Old Traditional agricultural rum 5 to 7 years
Hors d'Âge agricultural rum 8 to 12 years old
vintage agricultural rum 15 years minimum