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Highland Whiskey

Whiskey Hinghland largest production region of the Scottish Highlands Whiskey

The Highland region is known for its Highlanders Games which take place in spring and summer and the famous Loch Ness and its mysterious monster. The Higlands region is also the largest (in surface) production region of Scotch Whiskey Highlands with a breathtaking diversity of characters since under the same regional name 30 distilleries coexist with styles as different as the whiskeys from the islands to the exception of Islay (Jura, Skye ..) whiskeys from the fertile plains of the West of Scotland, whiskeys from mountainous areas such as Ben Nevis and whiskeys from the North such as Old Pulteney and Glenmorangie. This is why this vast region is subdivided into 4 production regions, Eastern Highlands, Central Highlands, Western Highlands and Northern Highlands.

Did you know that the 2 distilleries which can use the qualifier "The Royal" because belonging to the Queen are Highlands, Royal Brackla and Royal Lochnagar whiskey distilleries.