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Gin and Juniper, What is the origin of gin?

The Gin which takes its name from Juniper is a spirit originally appeared in the Netherlands under the name of Genever but it is in England that its production has become an art, both the variety and the refinement of its gins is legendary. Gin is also produced in Belgium, the USA and France. The Gin is obtained by re-distilling in a still the base alcohol in which several spices, herbs and aromatics have infused it is the Distilled Gin. Gin can also be flavored with natural or artificial essences (Sloe Gin, Sloe Gin). The variety and diversity of spices, plants, roots and botanicals such as coriander or juniper berries (the list is not exhaustive of course) available to the British Empire explains this wealth. Only Plymouth Gin benefits from a kind of AOC because it must imperatively be distilled in Plymouth. The London Dry Gin does not have to be made specifically in London but is a Distilled Gin containing only natural ingredients. Gin is the base alcohol in the recipe for famous cocktails such as Gin Fizz (gin, lemon juice, ice), Gin Tonic, White Lady, Pink Lady, Vesper... You will succeed perfectly in your cocktail with the Cocktailmaster as well as the brands of gins that we offer.

Wondering which are the best Gins?

Here's a rolling list of gins we love: BR Essential, London Hill, Filliers, Leopold's, Jodphur, The Botanist, Whitley Neil, Monkey 47, Aviation, Pink 47, Citadel, Plymouth Gin Distillery, Bombay Saphir, Old Raj, Gordon's, Tanqueray, Pink Pepper Audemus, Death's Door.

Bartenders are teeming with ideas for creating gin-based cocktails.

Did you know ?
The fashion of Gin in the world is the logical consequence of the proliferation of whiskey distillery.
Indeed, after distillation, it takes at least 3 years of aging in barrels for an eau de vie of grains so that it can be sold as a whisky. As a result, the owners of these new distilleries all had the good idea of ​​transforming these brandies into gin. Whether artisanal, organic, dry... the bottle of gin finds its place in all bars alongside rum, whiskey and vodka.

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