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Whiskey Lagavulin Islay

Lagavulin whiskeys are very divisive, we love it or hate it !!

If you are new to the world of whiskey, go your way (at least momentarily) to better come back to Lagavulin later !! The strong presence of iodine explains this state of affairs. This presence of iodine also gives an impression of medicinal scents such as cloves or algae, but Lagavulin also has beautiful peaty (40 ppm) and smoky notes. In its Classic Malts Distiller's Edition version with a pedro ximenez sherry barrel finish, we also find notes of citrus and candied fruit cake. The rest of the production is aged in bourbon barrels.
Lagavulin (the valley of the mill in Gaelic) was in 1816 the first legal whiskey distillery on Islay, although it is certain that this distillery had been operating underground since 1742.

Lagavulin an essential whiskey

The shape of its two small stills are like pears, they come from the "cult" distillery that disappeared Malt Mill (1908 1960) which was next to Lagavulin. After a long fermentation and slow distillations (around 5 hours for the first distillation and more than 9 hours for the second distillation) these two stills give Lagavulin single malt lots of roundness and smoothness. For the record, relations between Laphroaig and Lagavulin have not always been good. Indeed, Lagavulin tried at one time to prevent Laphroaig from using the peaty waters of Loch Solan, justice had to decide in favor of Laphroaig. Since 1998, tours of the distillery have been possible, it is a must if you are on Islay.