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Liqueur and Cream Liqueur

Liqueur and Cream Liqueur

A liquor or cream is flavored by the maceration or distillation of fruits, flowers, root plants or spices in alcohol.
Creams are less alcoholic (15 ° to 20 °) than liqueurs but sweeter. A liquor contains at least 100 gr of sugar / liter, a cream 250 gr of sugar / liter, cream of Cassis when it climbs to a minimum of 400 gr of sugar / liter.

The liquors obtained by distillation are:
The liqueurs of seeds (anisette, chocolate ...), bark liquors (triple dry with orange peel), plant liquors (mint, verbena, thyme ...). We offer products from Vedrenne, Giffard, Fisselier, Pagès. Other products are considered liqueurs, Safari, Pasoa, Manzana Verde, St Germain, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Velvet Falernum, Pama, Kahlua, Limoncello, Jagermeister, Chartreuse, Izarra, Soho ....

There is a confusion between "Bailey's type" creams and liqueur creams. Liqueur creams are made from an alcohol base (rum, whiskey, calavdos or other ...) to which liquid cream is added.