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Islay Whiskey

Islay whiskeys are characterized by smoky and peaty notes

The characteristic style common to all whiskeys from the Isle of Islay is the presence of smoky notes due to the peat used to dry the barley during the malting operation. Peat burns up more than it burns and gives off a lot of smoke. It is this smoky taste that is found in whiskeys whose barley has been dried over a peat fire. The Lochs water used carries more or less peat and gives the whiskeys these peaty notes (a little earthy).

Isle of Islay whiskeys are produced in only 8 distilleries

The island of Islay is particularly supplied with distilleries compared to its modest size. It has 8 working distilleries and a distillery that closed in 1983, Port Ellen. There are two large Islay Whiskey production areas on the Island, the southern distilleries, Port Ellen, Ardbeg, Lagavulin and Laphroaig offer smoked and peaty whiskeys sometimes to the point of caricature. The other production area gives a finer place to the undeniable marine influence on this island. Kilchoman, Bowmore, Bruichladdich also offer fruity notes then Caol Ila and Bunnahabhain which give pride of place to iodine and saline notes.

An Islay Whiskey, Laphroig is the favorite whiskey of Princes Charles who gave it his Royal Warrant in 1994.