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    How is an Orange Wine made?

    Orange wine is a white wine that follows the same winemaking process as red wine and rosé wine from bleeding. With the difference that the fermentation of naturally white grape juice takes place with the skin of white grapes and not with the skin of black grapes. Maceration can last from a few days to a few months. As the skin of white grapes contains tannins but not a lot of pigments, the result is a golden, tiled wine which tends towards an orange color. This is why these wines took the name of orange wine, it is more seller than "Blanc de Maceration" which should technically be the name. It is also very surprising to discover a tannic white wine, which previously would have been an oxymoron is now a reality. The orange wine is fresh while presenting a fairly low acidity.

    What is the origin of Orange Wine?

    It seems that the first traces of the manufacture of orange wine date from 4500 years before our era come to us from the Caucasus and more particularly from present-day Georgia. 

    Which dishes to accompany an Orange Wine?

    It is also very surprising to discover a tannic white wine, which previously would have been an oxymoron is now a reality. The orange wine is fresh while presenting a fairly low acidity. The most frequently encountered aromas evoke notes of candied fruit and spices. As a result, this type of wine opens the door to associations with Asian cuisine, poultry, delicatessen, fish in sauce.

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    The logo of the independent Vignerons is affixed on the bottles of the producers respecting the charter of the independent winegrower. This charter stipulates that the winemaker: independent winemakerRespect its terroir, works his vineyard, harvest his grapes, vinify and raise his wine, makes his brandy, bottle his production in his cellar, markets its products, perfected in respect of tradition, welcomes, advises the tasting and takes pleasure in presenting the fruit of his work and his culture.

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    Sulfur-free and sulphite-free wines are now a category in the wine merchant's home. A wine without sulfur is not necessarily a BIO wine. It should be noted that a wine without sulfur does not exist since the alcoholic fermentation naturally produces some sulphites. It is better to talk about wine without added sulfur. Conventional wines contain between 160 mg / l and 260 mg / l, while the community of producers of added sulfur-free wines considers that levels between 30 and 40 mg / l on white wines and 20 to 30 mg / l on white wines. Red wines are acceptable concentrations. Sulfur gives wine its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Sulfur is therefore an excellent wine preservative and prevents any resumption of fermentation in the bottle. A winemaker who works without added sulfur will therefore concentrate his efforts on perfect storage conditions for his harvest, for example with thermo-regulated tanks and vats, perfect storage and bottling conditions in order to limit the use of sulphites as much as possible. . All this has a cost but seems useful for the future of our planet and our health.

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    Bag in Box. Better value per litre. No waste. The wine can be kept 3 to 4 months after opened. 3L = 4 Bottles = 24 Glasses 5L = 6.6 Bottles = 40 Glasses 10L = 13.3 Bottles = 80 Glasses

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  • Demi Bouteilles - 37.5cl
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    Wine by Brands Domaine and Chateau, 

    Far from it is not only great wines that provide a real pleasure to tasting. the world of wine is marked by big names who produce wines of a superb price / pleasure ratio. This list is not exhaustive but here are some names we are proud to offer.

    In Burgundy, The winemakers of Buxy, Albert Bichot, Prosper Maufoux, Song, Faiveley, Leflaive, Chablisienne, Laroche, Louis Latour, Joseph Drouhin.

    In the Loire Valley, Ladoucette, Alphonse Mellot, Jacky Blot, Balland Chapuis, La Perriere, Audebert, Matignon, Pierre and Bertrand Couly,

    In Beaujolais, The Golden Lands of Jean Paul Brun, The Domain of Hestrange and Monspey.

    In Provence, Pibarnon and Tempier, Yves Leccia, Galoupet, Minuty, Rimauresq, OTT, Madrague, Rouillière, Roüet, Saint Martin ,.

    In Corsica, Vico, Yves Leccia

    In Bordeaux, Milhade and his castle Recougne, Dourthe, Mälher Besse, Black Horse, Dompierre,

    In the Rhône Valley, Chapoutier, Yves Cuilleron, Delas, Ferraton, Guigal, Paul Ainé Jaboulet, Domaine du Père Caboche, the Cave of Tain l'Hermitage, Vessières,

    In Alsace, Lorentz, Schlumberger, Heitz, the Croix Marche en Jura, The Jean Perrier Wines in Savoie,

    In Languedoc Roussillon, Jeff Carrel, Paul Mas Estate, Haut Gléon, Canet Valette, Les Estanilles, La Voulte Gasparet, Puech Haut, Toques and Clochers, Domaine de l'hortus, Borie de Maurel, Gerard Bertrand, Sarda Malet, Grezan, Les Jamelles, the Contemporaries, Little Bridge, Maylandie, Frères Parcé,

    In South West, Montus and Bouscassé of Alain Brumont, The field of Cedar, Pineraie, Lionel Osmin, UBY, Tariquet, the Tower of the Gendres, Berticot, Clément Termes, the vine growers of Buzet, Beaulieu Marmandais,

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