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Alsace White Wines

The white wines of Alsace are either white wines made from a single grape variety, or white blended wines.

There are both dry wines and sweet wines.

The terroir necessarily has a great influence with the talent of the winemaker. This is often what explains the significant difference in price that there is sometimes between a Riesling and another Riesling...

Here is a list of Alsace white wines made from a single grape variety.

What is quite confusing and even sometimes a little confusing with the wines of Alsace is that the mention of the grape variety takes precedence over the geographical origin.

In general, here is what we can say about these Alsatian grape varieties

Riesling from Alsace

It is one of the emblematic grape varieties of Alsace. It offers wines with a light yellow color with green highlights. The nose is fruity and floral, sometimes with hints of spices. The soil on which it is planted can even give it mineral notes which can go as far as notes that evoke oil. Let's not forget that in the Rhine pit at Pechelbronn, oil was extracted until 1965. The mouth is straight and very dry. The aging potential on the very beautiful terroirs is 15 to 20 years

Pinot Blanc from Alsace

It is less known, but it can surpass Riesling when it is perfectly worked. You will love a fresh nose marked by white-fleshed fruits and fine floral notes. The mouth is light and the vivacity present but always in a subtle way

The Sylvaner of Alsace

It brings white wines with a clear color and green reflections, the nose is often fruity and floral with vegetal notes. The mouth is fresh and lively. The perfect thirst-quenching wine to consider as an aperitif, with charcuterie or simple dishes such as a quiche and even a raclette.

The Muscat of Alsace

It all starts with the olfactory sensations with a beautiful Muscat. “Amazement” is the fruity notes of the grapes which are essential then floral notes take over. The mouth will depend on the method of vinification, when it is dry. The mouth is invaded by aromas of fresh fruits.

Pinot Gris from Alsace

Formerly known as Tokay Pinot Gris, but the Tokay mention has been definitively granted exclusively to wines from Hungary. The color is a beautiful golden yellow. The notes on the nose evoke dried fruits with a hint of smoke, spices and honey. On the palate the structure is ample and full and balanced.

Gewurztraminer from Alsace

First of all, a good Gewurzt is a beautiful golden yellow color. The very characteristic nose will offer notes of Rose and Lychee, then notes of other exotic fruits and spices. The mouth is fresh and complex and it is the aromas of exotic fruits that stand out.

But the white wines of Alsace are also blended wines

The Edelzwicker d'Alsace is originally a blend of white wines from Alsace without further details. The indication of the vintage is not mandatory, the different grape varieties used can be vinified together or separately. Suffice to say that the legal framework is quite flexible. This flexibility, this granted freedom can give the best and the less good... In Germanic language, Edelzwicker means blend (zwicker) noble (edel). The Gentile is an Edelzwicker but subject to stricter standards (mandatory presence of certain grape varieties and separate vinifications).

A good Edelzwicker will offer a fruity nose and a supple mouth. These wines can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with salads and charcuterie.

The white wines of Alsace are therefore mainly dry, but Alsace does not lack also magnificent sweet white wines.

The white wines of Alsace in Vendanges Tardives (VT) are made from so-called noble grape varieties such as Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Riesling and Muscat.

The color is intense yellow and the nose is naturally marked by the characteristics of each grape variety. The common point of these late harvests lies in the concentration of aromas due to the maturity of the grapes. On the palate, the sweetness, the intensity of the aromas and the smoothness dominate in the first impression and a balance with a certain freshness takes over in the finish.

Another great sweet wine from Alsace, the Sélection de Grains Nobles (SGN)

The dress is deep, golden. The nose is very concentrated and evokes the world of candied fruits and honey. This is the effect of botrytis on grape berries.

Discover our selection of domains and producers of white wine from Alsace

Marcel Deiss, Gustave Lorentz, Philippe Heitz who offers organic wines, Frey Sohler and the Turckheim cellar.