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Karukera Agricole Rum from Guadeloupe

Rhum Karukéra evokes the first name of Guadeloupe

in the time of the Arawak Indians, before Christopher Columbus set foot on the island in 1493 and introduced sugar cane from Asia. the domain of the Marquisate of Sainte Marie created its distillery in 1895. The Espérance distillery, which is the oldest in Guadeloupe, produces Rhum Karukera, a wonderful agricultural rum made from 100% sugar cane juice of the "blue cane" variety of field, freshly crushed. The mastery in a single place of all the manufacturing process of agricultural rum, crushing, fermentation of fresh cane juice, distillation and aging in barrels. Find the signature of Karukera Rum through its aromas of fresh cane sugar juice and citrus fruits.

The Karukera Rum Distillery is the oldest on the Island