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Rums from Mauritius Gold of Mauritius

Rums from Mauritius Gold of Mauritius and Mauritius Club

The Litchquor sté is at the origin of these beautiful rums. These are molasses rums passed through a distillation column. You have to take an interest in Frederic Bestel, founder and Master Blender of Litchquor to understand the free and inviting spirit that reigns over this quality micro production. Frederic Bestel's father ran a small business of spices and rums in Mauritius. He prepared his own mixed rums and roamed the island to sell his production. Like his father, Frederic very early on made his own lychee liqueur which had real success when he was still a miner. It is in tribute to these first steps that he named his Sté Litchquor (Litchi & Liqueur). Litchquor buys its rums in Mauritius, then ages them in barrels from South Africa that have contained South African "Port" for Gold of Mauritius and barrels of Cherry Brandy from South Africa for the Mauritius Club.

The rums of Frederic Bestel can be classified in the family of rums of Hispanic tradition

The methods of aging were borrowed from what is frequently done in South America.