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Rum is an alcohol produced from sugar cane. The sugar cane is cultivated as soon as a few conditions are met: heat, strong sunshine, rich and well-drained soils. It is not surprising to find sugar cane in many places around the world. (South America, Caribbean, Florida, Mexico, Nicaragua India, Philippines, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Madagascar,...

Rum is an alcohol produced from sugar cane. The sugar cane is cultivated as soon as a few conditions are met: heat, strong sunshine, rich and well-drained soils. It is not surprising to find sugar cane in many places around the world. (South America, Caribbean, Florida, Mexico, Nicaragua India, Philippines, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Madagascar, Reunion, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa and many others ....). So it is not surprising to discover almost as much of Rums as there are countries producing sugar cane. Don Papa Rums of the Philippines are currently feasting us and it is a safe bet that in a few years we will talk about Chinese or Indian rums.
There are two categories of rums: agricultural rum made from vesou (sugar cane juice) and sugar rum, a molasses rum (by-product from sugar production). A rum occurs in several stages. First the grinding of the cane from which it is extracted a juice (vesou), then the fermentation of this vesou or molasses to obtain a slightly alcoholic juice (between 5 ° to 10 °) .This juice is then distilled to obtain white rum. This white rum will become an Amber Rum during a barrel aging for 1 to 2 years. An old rum will have aged at least 3 years in summer and an Hors d'Age will have spent more than 5 years in summer. We offer a very wide selection of Rums on our site but also in cellar. For more information call us 7/7 from 10h00 to 19h00 at 03 21 36 40 40. Here are some names to put your mouth water. Angostura, Arcane, Appleton Estate, AH Riise, Botran, Barcelo, Barbancourt, Caroni, Centenario, Chantal Conte, Chamarel, Clement, Cockspur, Damoiseau, Depaz, Diplomatico, Don Papa, Doorly's, Dos Madeiras, Fortin, Havana Club, HSE, Karukera, The Favorite, Matusalem, Medellin, Mezan, Millonario, Mulata, Neisson, New Grove, PMG, Father Labat, Relicario, Mat River, Seale's, Santa Lucia, Santa Teresa, Savana, Severin, Toucan, Three Rivers, Zacapa as well only rums arranged boucaneries or rums of Ced.



  • A.H.Riise Rums

    Mr. Albert Heinrich Riise (AH Riise), a young pharmacist graduated from the Royal University came to settle in the Danish Antilles in 1838, he married on January 27, 1842 and lived in Charlotte Amalie, capital of the Island until 1878 Son of a sea captain, he has always been interested in rum, the sailor's faithful companion. In parallel with his activity as a pharmacist, he founded a rum factory out of an entrepreneurial spirit, for the love of rum and also for the sake of public health on the island, because very poor quality rums were produced. point a manufacturing process from molasses and he resells its production to ships passing through the island. Nowadays these islands are no longer Danish possession and are known as the US Virgin Islands St Thomas.

    The range has grown significantly since then and you will enjoy rums heavy with long fermented molasses: AH Riise Danish Navy rum, light molasses rums: AH Riise XO Réserve, but also rums with a Sauternes cask finish: the AH Riise XO Réserve Sauternes Finish, finished by Pedro Ximenez: the AH Riise XO Réserve Christmas Edition and of course the large bottles of the AHRiise Family Reserve 25 years and the AH Riise Non Plus Ultra.

  • Angostura Rhum
  • Rum Appleton Estate...

    The Appleton Estate has been a sugar refinery in the Nassau Valley since 1655 before naturally becoming a rum in 1749 at the request of the naval world. As a result, The Appleton is Jamaica's oldest still operating rum. The history of Jamaican rum is often linked to world conflicts and the resulting supply problems. The development of the distillery owes a lot to the fact that during the Second World War not a bottle of whiskey crossed the Atlantic. A shortage of whiskey in Jamaica made the population turn to this rum of British tradition finely woody and spicy which then conquered the Commonwealth and then the world.

  • Rum Arcane Rum...

    The Arcane rum produced in Mauritius was created in 2010 by Thibault de la Fournière on a simple and fierce desire! Arcane must produce rums that celebrate the high quality sugar cane produced in Mauritius. Indeed, everything is gathered in Mauritius to produce a superb cane, a tropical climate with frequent and abundant rainfall as well as a well-drained soil. The sugar cane is crushed within 24 hours of cutting and the extra fresh cane juice is presented to the distillery. The result gives agricultural rums and traditional rums a rum full of liveliness and freshness, carried by notes of fruit and exotic flowers, then a slightly spicy finish underlines this fine work. The aging keeps these rums this original freshness.

  • ARHUMATIC Arranged Rums

    ARHUMATIC Arranged Rums

  • Bacardi Rum

    It was in 1862 that Facundo Bacardí Masso founded his rum factory in Santiago de Cuba. We had to dislodge Bats (symbol of health and success) in the building that housed the first still. Naturally the choice fell on the Chauve Souris to become the emblem of this new rum so different from the others at the time. From a harsh and unrefined drink, Mr Bacardi's research has transformed rum into a light and balanced drink. His secrets lie in several points which are always scrupulously followed by the Maestros of Ron generations who follow him. First of all, a specific strain of yeast has been isolated and it is still this yeast that is used in the early stages of manufacturing Ron Bacardi. The use of lightly toasted American white oak barrels also made it possible to soften the taste of the rum, then finally Facundo Bacardi developed a charcoal filtration system that evacuates the undesirable aromas of the rum. . These coals come from different species of wood and coconut.

    Nowadays the headquarters of the Bacardi company is in Bermuda since the Bacardi family was driven out of Cuba after the accession of Fidel Castro.

  • Rum Barbancourt Haiti

    Rum from Haiti !! The Barbancourt distillery produces an agricultural rum, ie derived exclusively from the juice of sugar cane. A Barbancourt Rum is made in Haiti. This Haitian rum distillery was founded in 1862 by Mr. Dupré Brbancourt, a Frenchman from Charente. If one evokes the Charente, one immediately evokes Cognac. Dupré Barbancourt imported the double distillation method and then aging in oak barrels for the manufacture of his rum. The Barbancourt range of rums offers 3 * agricultural amber rum with 4 years of aging, 5 * rum with 8 years of aging and the estate reserve with 15 years of aging.

    The Barbancourt Foundation is very active in relocating and building homes for the victims of the earthquake of January 12, 2010. Haiti occupies the western part of the Island of Hispaniola, the largest island in the Caribbean. The eastern part is the Dominican Republic. Hispaniola is located in the South East of Cuba.

  • Barcelo Rhum...
  • Bielle Agricole Rum...

    The island of Marie Galante is the big island of sugar cane. Everything is there to produce premium quality sugar cane, flavored and loaded with sugar. From the end of the 19th century, the current Bielle distillery was established on the plateau of the same name in the heart of the island. The classic path has been followed, a plantation of cane has been equipped over time with "a sugar refinery, which itself has equipped itself with a distillery. The rums of the Bielle distillery are agricultural rums, produced only from fresh sugar cane juice.

  • Botran Rhum Guatemala
  • Boucaneries Rhums...
  • Brugal Rhum République...
  • Cartavio Rhum Pérou
  • Centenario Rhum Costa...
  • Chamarel rhum
  • Clément
  • COCKSPUR Rhum Barbade
  • Compagnie des Indes Rhum
  • Damoiseau Rhum
  • Depaz Rhum
  • Diplomatico Rhum du...
  • Don Papa Rum from the...

    don papa rum

    Don Papa Rum is manufactured by Bleeding Heart Rum Company; This rum comes from the island of Negros in the Philippines. Don Papa is distilled only from the Negros sugar cane that grows on lava soils.This rum is aged in American oak barrels before being assembled and presented in 7 years and 10 years. We wait over time that passes the 12-year version then will come the 15-year version. patience patience !! !! dear lovers ....

  • Doorly's Rhum
  • Dos Maderas Rhum
  • Dzama Rhum
  • El Ron Prohibido
  • Esclavo Rhum...
  • Ferroni Rhum
  • Fortin Rhum
  • Foursquare Rhum Barbade
  • Gold of Mauritius Rum...
  • Havana Rhum
  • HSE Rhum
  • Karukera Rhum
  • La Favorite
  • Worthy Park Rum

    Worthy Park Rum from Jamaica

  • Bougainville Rum

    Bougainville Rum

  • La Mauny Rhum
  • Longueteau Rhum
  • Matusalem
  • Medellin Rhum
  • Mezan Rhum Caraïbes
  • Rhum Macollo
  • Nation Rhum
  • Neisson Rhum
  • New Grove Rhum
  • Plantation Rhum Caraïbes
  • PMG Rum Marie Galante

    Where to buy cheap rum in Calais like PMG Rum Marie Galante. The Bielle distillery on Marie Galante is home to the production of this Agricole Rum from Luca Gargano & Gianni Capovilla. A rum still owns Rum PMG is installed at Bielle in 2005 by Gianni Capovilla, followed by a second one in 2007. The island Marie-Galante offers an exceptional terroir to make the best sugar cane, but it still holds varieties of sugar cane disappeared on other islands. Gianni Capovilla is very careful to let the freshly cut sugar cane juice ferment the time needed before the distillation, between 7 and 9 days. Then the white rum is put to rest in stainless steel vats for a year before being bottled. This RhumRhum PMG Rum is a success thanks to the finesse and precision of its aromas.

  • Père Labat Rhum
  • Rivière du Mat Rhum
  • Savanna Rhum Île Maurice
  • Santa Teresa Rhum
  • Séverin Rhum
  • Stroh Rhum Autriche
  • Summum Rhum
  • Ti Ced Rhum Arrangés
  • Toucan rhum
  • TCRL Transcontinental...
  • Trois Rivières Rhum
  • Zacapa Rhum Guatemala
  • Rhun de Tradition...
  • British Tradition Rum

    British Tradition Rum

  • Rhum de Mélasse
  • Rhum de Miel de Canne...
  • Rhum de Tradition...
  • Rhum Agricole
  • Rhum de CAnne
  • Rhum Blanc
  • Rhum Doré
  • Rhum Ambré
  • Rhum Vieux
  • Rhum Vieux VO
  • Rhum VSOP
  • Rhum XO
  • Traditional Old Rums

    Get in Calais rum offers on Traditional Old Rums. A traditional Old rum is a rum whose origin of sugar is molasses or cane syrup otherwise called "cane honey", it must have spent minimum between 5 and 7 years in cask. This is the case for example of Philippine rum Don Papa.

  • Rhum Hors d'Âge

    A traditional old rum "Hors d'âge" is a rum that has been aged between 8 and 12 years in barrels that have previously contained Bourbon or Whiskey or muscats or even wines. This particular breeding and this past time gives these rums a complexity and a roundness that places them at the top of the pyramid of the qualities of traditional rums. A traditional Hors d'Age rum is also an XO. These rums are usually placed in beautiful bottles or bottles that are close to the codes of the world of luxury and perfume.

  • Rhum Milésimé
  • Rhum de Solera
  • Rhum Arrangé
  • Grog
  • Punch
  • Schrubb
  • Vesou fermented Sugar...

    Vesou fermented Sugar Cane Juice. The vesou is the juice extracted from the sugar cane crushed very quickly after being cut. In the French islands, agricultural production can only be made from vesou, which is fermented with yeasts belonging to each distillery. This fermented drink, "cane wine" which reaches between 5 ° and 8 ° will be distilled and give rum. Cachaça (a kind of Brazilian rum) is also made with vesou. The evaporation of water in the vesou gives the Drum syrup, the best known is the "Siwo de Batterie" Joel Moysan that you can use as a sweet base for dessert or as a simple cocktail with a white rum.

  • Rhum de la Barbade
  • Rhum Bélize
  • Rhum Colombie
  • Rhum Costa Rica
  • Rhum Cuba
  • Rhum Guadeloupe
  • Rhum Guatemala
  • Rhum Guyanne Anglaise
  • Rhum Guyane Française
  • Rhum Haïti
  • Rhum Île Maurice
  • Rhum ïle de la Réunion
  • Rhum Iles Vierges...
  • Rhum Jamaïque
  • Rhum Japonais
  • Rhum Madagascar
  • Rhum Marie Galante
  • Clément Rhum Martinique
  • Rhum Mexique
  • Rhum Nicaragua
  • Rhum Panama
  • Rhum Paraguay
  • Rhum Pérou
  • Don Papa
  • Rhum Porto Rico
  • Rhum République...
  • Rhum St Lucie
  • Rhum de Trinidad et...
  • Rhum Venezuela
  • Rum Espero Caraibos...

    Buy in Calais cheap Rum Espero Caraibos and Dominican Republic. The Ron Espero is imported in France by the Cie du Chateau du Breuil known for its fabulous Calvados. The choice of the Château du Breuil to distribute the Ron Espero reflects the search for complementary products of high quality that drives the teams of Calvados Breuil. Espero rums are traditional Solera rums made from high-quality molasses that allow time to escape to American Bourbon oak barrels. These rums are distilled then raised in the Dominican Republic but are bottled in Panama.

  • Coffret Rhum
  • Rhum Angleterre
  • Rhum des Caraïbes
  • Rhums Amérique Latine...
  • Rhums Afrique...
  • Rhums du Nouveau Monde

    More and more parts of the world are producing rums. This list is constantly evolving since it suffices for a territory under a tropical climate to be able to see sugar cane grow and thus obtain the juice of cane or the molasses necessary for the production of rum. You will be surprised to see some countries in this list. These nations do not specifically produce sugar cane but have gained expertise in aging, blending and macerating rums with fruits or spices.

    List of New Countries Rum Producers: South Africa, Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Spain, India, Japan, Nepal, New Zealand, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Poland, the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, the USA

  • Rhum Grenade
  • Rum Banks

    The Rums of the Banks brand are dry and very aromatic blended rums. The origins vary from one reference to another but it is mainly in the Caribbean that the house Banks goes to seek its rums. This company is based in Singapore but it is in the Caribbean that Arnaud de Trabuc the master blender officiates. The name of the Banks Co. is inspired by the life of Joseph Banks, an English gentleman specializing in Botany who was part of the team of scientists formed by James Cook who discovered and listed so many varieties and species. Like Joseph Banks, Cie Banks does not hesitate to travel the 7 oceans to discover the best rums that will go into its compositions.

  • FAIR Rhums Commerce...
  • Jacques Fisselier Rhums
  • Kraken Rhum Epicé des...
  • Millonario Rhum Pérou
  • Pyrat Rhum des Caraïbes
  • R.L. Seale's Rhum Barbade
  • Rhum Français
  • Rhum à Finition Spéciale
  • Rhum Epicé- Spiced Rhum
  • Rhum Naga Indonésie
  • Rhum Indonésien
  • Moko Rhum du Panama
  • ABUELO Panama Rum

    Buy ABUELOABUELO Rum from Panama, the history of this Panamanian rum brand begins in 1908, when a sugar factory was created by José Varela Blanco. The creator's children have added a distillery to the sugar factory. The rums age quietly in one of the 19 cellars of the Valera Hermanos distillery in which around 100,000 barrels are permanently stored. At Abuelo, discover Anejo rums, Ron Anejo, Ron 7 years Ron 12 Years, rums 15 years old but also rums aged in Port barrels, Rons aged in cognac barrels.RUM at Cheap Price

  • Canero Rum Dominican...

    Canero Rum Dominican Republic

  • El PASADOR de ORO Rum

    El PASADOR de ORO Rum from Guatemala

  • Rum from FIJI

    Rum from FIJI

  • Baristea
  • El Salvador Rum

    El Salvador Rum

  • La Maison du Rhum

    La Maison du Rhum House of Rum

  • Bumbu Rum

    Bumbu Rum

  • Malo Rhums

    Malo Rhums

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