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  • Blend
  • Highland

    Edradour Distillery Highland

  • Islay

    Ardbeg Distillery Islay

  • Lowland

    Auchentoshan Distillery Lowland

  • Speyside

    The Speyside region is located on the North Sea in the heart of the Highlands. This region produces about 60% of the single malt volumes in Scotland and is the region with the most distilleries still in operation (about 50). All are organized around the river Spey which is the main river and which gave its name to the Speyside region. Other rivers flow and their name evokes the distilleries that drink there like, La Livet for Glenlivet, the Fiddich for Glenfiddich, the Deveron for Glen deveron and they flow into the Moray golf course that gave Glen Moray.

    Speyside Malt whiskeys are not peated (with some exceptions, if peat-fired Malts are used), the whiskeys common to this region are a certain roundness and a lot of elegance. The aromas are always balanced between the fruity notes and the notes of freshly harvested grains, these whiskeys evoke the great classicism of Scottich Malts.

    Glenlivet was King George IV's favorite whiskey.

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    Yoichi Distillery Japan

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  • Peated Whiskies

    Best wine shop in calais to find a great selection of Peated Whiskies. A peated whiskey is often confused with a smoked whiskey as these two characteristics are close together because of their origin. Peat, which is a fuel derived from the decomposition of vegetable matter (usually heather on Islay), is consumed more than it burns. While burning it releases a lot of smoke. Scotch whiskey whiskeys were naturally dried on peat fires (peat being the only source of heat available). This drying process charges smoked taste barley grains at the end of malting before brewing. The peaty taste also comes from the water of the Lochs used, this water flows on river beds loaded with peat. In English Peat is translated by PEAT. The measurement of peat intensity in a whiskey is measured in PPM (Part Per Million Phenols). In general, an Islay peated whiskey is 80 ppm, but in response to a growing demand for peat, a distillery such as Bruichladdich offers Octomore, a hyper peat single malt hovering around 250 to 300 ppm. The peat will give the single malt empyreumatic aromas like the smell of chimney, ash, tar, but also spices such as licorice, clove and medicinal as camphor and eucalyptus.

  • Smoky Whiskies

    in Calais a Great selection of smoky Whiskies. The smoked side of a whiskey is closely related to the meeting of barley grains dried on peat fire in the "Kiln" end of malting. While burning the peat releases a lot of smoke (the "Reek"), these particles of phenol are fixed on the grains of barley and will be released in the "wash" during a first brewing. (If you have the opportunity, during a visit to the Ardbeg distillery, take a small handful of malt grains, chew it for a long time and you will make a wonderful smoked chewing gum). Combine a smoky whiskey with a Nordic plate of smoked fish

  • Whisky Boisé
  • Spicy Whiskies

    Buy in calais cheap spicy Whiskies.The spicy notes of a whiskey come mainly from the wood of the keg in which it was raised. This wood was heated during the construction of the barrel, the wood was toasted beforehand if the barrels housed the Bourbon. The mastery of this wood heating is essential and influences the whiskey transmission of these notes of spices. Rye is a cereal that gives whiskey a remarkable spicy pepper. Put your nose in the Bourbon Bulliet Green Label composed of 95% Rye (rye) and you will understand. The most common spice notes are vanilla, pepper, cinnamon.

  • Fruity Whiskies

    Buy in calais cheap Fruity Whiskies A fruity whiskey evokes a notion of lightness in the aromas and its flavor in the mouth. These so-called fruity notes are more easily found in Blend but also in whiskeys from Speyside and Lowlands, Ireland or Canada. The yeasts used play an essential role in the final result. Generally, since a whiskey is neither peated nor smoked, nor Iodé, fruit aromas appear, the big families of fruits are, the fruits white flesh like peaches, pears and apples, red fruits, citrus fruits but also dried fruits like nuts and fresh hazelnuts. It is also fun to look for notes of blackcurrant bud in the 12-year-old Redbreast a remarkable Irish pot still whose distillation method gives this result

  • Herbal Whiskies

    Buy cheap Herbal Whiskies in Calais. Notes of freshly cut herbs, ferns, heather, blackcurrant leaves, tomato plants, mint, are as many variations as you do in these whiskeys with vegetal notes.It is quite rare either a note Dominant but the vegetal notes of a whiskey always makes a delicate personality to every whiskey. Like the vegetable kingdom, the vegetal notes of a whiskey express themselves in nuances.

  • Floral Whiskies

    Best place in calais to buy Floral Whiskies. Floral whiskeys evoke notes of fresh flowers such as heather, violet, orange blossom, rose or lavender. These notes are very subtle and the quality and the number of distillations actually influences the perception of these fine aromas. Fragrance notes such as incense are also noticeable on the heavier, heavier elements of whiskey. Speyside gives particularly floral whiskeys.

  • Maritime and Iodized...

    Cheap buying in Calais on Maritime and Iodized Whiskies. The whiskeys with iodized notes are mainly whiskeys whose aging cellars are adjacent to the sea and its winds laden with sea spray, salinity and smell like seaweeds. Some cellars are located under the sea level, the entrance of some other cellars are located under the prevailing winds and the doors remain wide open all day long so as not to escape this influential neighborhood. This salt and iodine moisture maintained for 10 or 15 years gives these whiskeys so endearing notes of iodine and salinity. Bowmore, Talisker Bunnahabhain are the princes of this caste to be discovered absolutely. An iodized whiskey will be the ideal companion for a summer aperitif as its minerality and freshness will match what is expected of a beautiful summer day.

  • Whisky Gift Set

    Buy in Calais Whisky Gift Set. Offer a boxed whiskey with or without glasses, with one or more sample mignonettes. a box whiskey is always a gift idea that is certain to spot on.

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  • Whisky à Finition...

    Whiskey with a special Finish

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Showing 1 - 48 of 430 items