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Rum from Haiti

The only rum distillery on the island of Haiti is the Barbancourt distillery

Barbancourt rum is renowned for offering one of the best rums in the world. The quality of the island's raw materials are at the origin of this state of affairs, no pesticides, varieties of primary sugar cane, endogenous yeasts. The aftermath of the earthquake brought to light this formidable distillery which resisted and remained in operation. Rum from Haiti remains standing.

However there is another Haitian alcohol made from fresh and fermented cane juice, distilled in tiny, fairly rudimentary stills and unfiltered, it is CLAIRIN. Sté Velier has specialized in the marketing of 3 of these productions, Clairin Casimir, Clairin Sajous and Clairin Vaval. Haiti has around 500 Clairin producers. This alcohol is mostly consumed locally. Due to the "archaism" in the good sense of the term of its production, Clairin represents the history of Rum with an astonishing aromatic intensity. Naturally Clairin must be considered as an organic agricultural rum, it is even what one could name a farmer's rum.

One of Haiti's most fervent ambassadors of Barbancourt rums was Commander Coustaud.