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Lagavulin 16 years old Classic Malts Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70 cl

Lagavulin 16 years old Classic Malts Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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This Lagavulin 16-year-old Classic Malts Islay Whisky, 70 cl, is a Scotch whisky produced in Scotland under the Islay appellation and sold by the Lagavulin brand.

If you're new to whisky, it's better to practice with others and come back to Lagavulin later because they are quite divisive – you either love them or you don't! The strong presence of iodine explains this phenomenon. This presence also brings a sense of medicinal aromas to Lagavulin whisky, such as clove or seaweed. Lagavulin also boasts distinct peaty and smoky notes. The name "Lagavulin," Gaelic for "valley of the mill," was the first legally operating whisky distillery on Islay in 1816, even though it is certain that it operated clandestinely since 1742. Its two small pear-shaped stills were acquired from the legendary defunct Malt Mill distillery (1908-1960), located adjacent to Lagavulin. Following a lengthy fermentation and slow distillation (around 5 hours for the first distillation and over 9 hours for the second), these stills contribute to Lagavulin's single malt with ample smoothness and richness. Since 1998, Lagavulin has been open for visitors – a must if you're on Islay.

The Lagavulin 16-year-old Classic Malts Islay Whisky, 70 cl, is produced on the Isle of Islay. Islay whiskies all share a characteristic and shared style – a smoky profile. This smokiness is due to the use of peat to dry the barley during the malting process. Peat burns more than it combusts, releasing a lot of smoke. This smoke imparts the distinctive taste found in these whiskies. The water from the Lochs used carries varying levels of peat, giving Islay whiskies their peaty (somewhat earthy) notes. On the island, you can distinguish two major production areas: the southern whiskies, often heavily peated and smoky, and on the other side, the undeniable marine influence on the island brings forth iodine and saline notes. Laphroaig, which is Prince Charles' favorite whisky, is an Islay whisky.

The Lagavulin 16-year-old Classic Malts Islay Whisky, 70 cl, is a Single Malt. To be classified as Single Malt, a whisky adheres to two unchanging rules. Firstly, the whisky must be produced at a single distillery, hence "Single." Secondly, it must only come from malted grains, hence "Malt." This malted grain must be barley, although there are rare exceptions where rye is used. Scotland is the largest contributor of single malts. These are known as Scotch Single Malt Whiskies. However, other countries like Japan, India, the Czech Republic, and France also offer excellent Single Malts. The principles remain the same: the whisky must come from a single distillery and use malted barley.

The Lagavulin 16-year-old Classic Malts Islay Whisky, 70 cl, is a Scottish whisky. Scotland is home to the largest number of active distilleries, with over 97 malt distilleries listed. Traditionally, distilleries practice double distillation, a regulation dating back to the 17th century. It's no coincidence that the famous "Scotch whisky," known and reputed for its taste, is part of Scottish heritage. Five major regions are commonly recognized: the Lowlands in the south and the Highlands in the north, which are the two largest and most famous; the Speyside in the northeast; Campbeltown and the islands (Orkney, Skye, Mull, Jura, and Arran); and finally, the Isle of Islay, which likely has the highest concentration of malt distilleries per square kilometer in the country.

The Lagavulin 16-year-old Classic Malts Islay Whisky, 70 cl, is smoky. This characteristic is closely tied to the interaction of dried barley grains with peat smoke in the kiln during malting. Peat releases a lot of smoke as it burns – this is known as "reek." The phenolic particles from the peat settle on the barley grains and are released during the first mashing of the wash.

This whisky is peated, which should not be confused with similar smoky undertones due to their origin. Peat, a fuel resulting from the decomposition of plant matter, burns more than it combusts. As it burns, it releases a lot of smoke. This drying process imparts a smoky taste to the barley grains at the end of malting before mashing. The peaty taste also comes from the Lochs' water used in the process. This water flows over peat-laden riverbeds. Peat imparts aromas like chimney smoke, ash, tar, as well as spices like licorice or cloves, and medicinal notes like camphor and eucalyptus to the whisky.


Type of Product Alcohols
Volume 70cl
Country Scotland
Region Scotland
Appellations Islay Single Malt
Château Domaine or Brand Classic Malts Lagavulin
Pairing Ideas aperitif liqueur oysters, sea food, shellfishs
Type of Spirit whiskey
Age 16 years
Whiskey Type Single Malt iodized whisky peated whisky smoky whisky
Alcohol Degree 43
incl. VAT
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