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Ardbeg Distillery Islay


  • Ardbeg Islay Single...

    Whiskey offers in Calais on Ardbeg Islay Single Malt Whiskey. Ardbeg is above all a superb Single Malt 10 years fruity, smoked and peaty. This whiskey was voted best whiskey in the world in 2008 by Jim Murray. This nomination followed by several other distinctions was enough to revive the passion around this distillery and its limited editions all more sought after than others, Ardber Aligator, Ardbeg Galileo, Ardbeg Supernova, Ardbeg Auriverde, Ardbeg Day or Ardbeg Lord of the Isles .... The Adbeg distillery was officially licensed in 1815, after a chaotic life, the distillery was put to sleep from 1981 to 1996. It was bought by the Glenmorangie group, itself owned by LVMH and Diageo. Investments to restore the tool afloat are around 5 million euros. Ardbeg has thus returned to its tradition of producing very peaty and very smoked single Malt. Today the distillery no longer produces its own malts, this activity was stopped in 1977. At the time, the system of drying barley on peat fire was intentionally unventilated so that the smoke impregnated to the maximum in barley. The southern exposure of the Ardbeg distillery like its neighbors Laphroaig and Lagavulin exposes aging cellars to the prevailing winds laden with iodine and salt. The barrels are also imbued with these elements and it is natural and logical to find them in the bottles.

  • Big Peat Islay

    Douglas Laing is a whiskey trading company that offers us a form of ode to Islay whiskeys. Indeed this series of Blended Malt is the assembly of Islay's Single Malt, Bowmore, Caol Ila, Ardbeg including a bit of Port Ellen. The promise is kept, we take a slap of peat (Peat in English). It's violent but it's good ... Unfiltered cold, uncolored, Caol Ila brings flexibility, Bowmore balance, Ardbeg smoked and peat and Port ellen the rest that makes the magic of assembly . Big Peat releases a Christmas edition and a summer edition.

  • Bowmore

    Bowmore whiskeys have a worldwide reputation. Bowmore's whiskeys, the oldest Islay distillery, are generally very lightly peated and marked by marine, saline and iodine notes. One of the peculiarities of the distillery is to malter still 30 to 40% of its barley on the spot, the second is one of its cellars, the number 1, which is located below the level of the sea, the wall is in direct contact with sea water. It is easy to understand the reasons for these marine notes. Its alamabics also have a particular shape in the form of bulb tulip very wide at the base. Bowmore's traditional finishes are Sherry's, but in recent years conclusive attempts have been made in Porto fudge and in Bordeaux red wine.

    The distillery passed into the hands of four owners before 1963. At that date it was bought by the Morrisson group who sold it to the Japanese whiskey company Suntory in 1994. At the beginning of the 20th century, Bowmore was particularly well known in Portugal , in Brazil and in the Ottoman Empire, because its owner was the vice consul of these countries in Glasgow.

  • Bruichladdich

    The creation of the Bruichladdich distillery dates back to 1881 on the west coast of Islay across from Bowmore, but it was truly in the 2000s after it was bought by Murray Bryan David, an independent bottler, that Bruichladdich took off under the form we know him.

    This distillery of Islay produces 3 kinds of whiskeys under 3 different brands so as not to cause confusion in the mind of the consumer, (each brand having his style) Bruichladdich (non-peated whiskeys), Port Charlotte (very peated whiskey) and Octomore (Whiskey Hyper Peat !!) but also a Gin, the Gin Botanist. The people of Bruichladdich describe themselves as non-conformists, easily breaking with tradition to explore new paths. The distiller and cellar master Jim Mc Ewan (a Bowmore defector since he worked there for 37 years) is not counting the finishing attempts he has made. The style of Bruichladdich is marked by salty notes, touches of salted butter caramel, biscuit and fruity notes of lemon and green apple. All this is also due to the shapes of stills whose necks are very elongated, this feature helps to produce this delicious Islay whiskey quite light and fluid. Bruichladdich's policy is to promote short circuits, barley supply contracts (sometimes Bio) with Islay farmers, and a bottling line on Islay to anchor in the landscape. society of the island. Bruichladdich operates the Port Charlotte brand because it uses its aging cellars, however, Bruichladdich is studying the possibility of re-opening the Port Charlotte distillery totally, which would make noise in the world of whiskey lovers.

  • Bunnahabhain

    The Bunnahabhain distillery was built in 1881 the same year as Bruichladdich northeast of Islay. The architecture of the distillery is inspired by Bordeaux castles. The name Bunnahabhain means in Gaelic more or less "Mouth". Indeed "Bunnah" is placed at the mouth of the Margadale River. Unlike the majority of Islay's rivers, the waters of the Margadale run on a link of stones and not peat. As a result, it is an absolutely peat-free water that is used for the production of Bunnahabhain whiskey. The classic 12-year-old Bunnahabhain is an oily single malt, powerful barely peated (it's still on Islay ...) evoking notes of leather, wood, dried fruits and malt. The range has been enriched by an 18 year old, a 25 year old and a smoke and vegetable version, "Toiteach" which means "Smoked" in Gaelic and "Céobanach" the most peaty version. Bunnahbhain malt is one of the major components of the famous Black Bottle, a blend of malts from different distilleries of Islay or Port Askaig.

  • Caol Ila Islay Single...

    Best prices in calais on Caol Ila Islay Single Malt Whiskey. Caol Ila is pronounced "Coul Ila" is the largest distillery of Islay with its production capacity of 3 million bottles per year. Nevertheless, this distillery is very attached to its traditions and its history. Distillery Manager Billy Sitchell represents the 4th generation at Caol Ila. Caol ila is located in a magical place on the edge of a narrow stretch of sea that separates Islay from the island of Jura. None of them describe this place as a most beautiful point of view in all of western Scotland. It is not uncommon to see seals in the inlet from the distillation room. Caol Ila offers peaty, oily single malts marked by marine, iodine and salt notes as well as a fruity, citrus-like hint. Malted barley malted at the Port Ellen malt.

    The famous whiskey specialist Michael Jackson describes Caol Ila as a superb appetizer.

    This distillery belongs to Diageo LVMH

  • Octomore

    It was in response to Bruichladdich's critics who criticized these Islay whiskeys for not being peat, but also for wanting to clear new grounds, that Jim McEwan created the Octomore single malt line. These whiskeys are distilled at Bruichladich's on Ilslay and boast the title of the world's most peaty whiskeys. The unit of measurement of peat is expressed in ppm (parts per million) of phenols, derived from oily smoke deposited on the barley grains during malting. A traditionally peated single malt from Islay runs between 40 and 50 ppm. Octomore whiskeys over their versions have jumped from 131 ppm to 258 ppm for version 6.3. Beyond the technical performance it remains of course a very powerful whiskey and at the same time a powerful whiskey, fat, excessive but very fine. The use of stills with the very fine neck of Bruichladdich are for something. Octomore is an iron fist in a velvet glove.

    The figures on the versions give indications. The first digit indicates the batch (the batch) and the second number indicates the aging mode. 1 for 100% was bourbon, 2 for the use of different barrels and 3 for the use of barley from the island of Islay. The rest of the nomenclature remains to be written.

    Octomore owes its name to an old distillery farm located above Port Charlotte that ran from 1812 to 1852.

  • Port Charlotte

    Port Charlotte is the name of an Islay distillery run by Jim McEwan of the Bruichlladdich Group. This range of whiskeys produced at the Bruichladdich distillery is "normally" peated for a single Malt d'Islay with rates of 40 to 45 ppm. These whiskeys take their place between Bruichladdich whiskeys that are barely peated and Octomore whiskeys that are heavily peated. The Port Charlotte style expresses itself around floral, saline and smoky notes, or even notes of tar and pepper in the finish, with a lot of finesse that is the signature of Bruichladdich stills with a high, fine neck. These whiskeys use the name of Port Charlotte because even if the distillation takes place at Bruichladdich, aging takes place in the cellars of Port Charlotte.

    The terminology used PC 5 or PC 6 etc indicate the mention of age of aging.

  • Kilchoman Islay Single...

    Buy in calais at the best price Kilchoman Islay Single Malt Whiskey. For 120 years there had been no construction of a distillery on the island of Islay. It was with Kilchoman that this little miracle took place in 2005 at Rockside Farm. Kilchoman is located on the west coast of Islay facing the ocean under the prevailing winds beating the Machir Bay beach. This distillery produces about 30% of its barley requirements on the farm and can be described as a distillery farm. This barley is used to make a single malt 100 Islay Barley. Kilchoman also seems to have delighted Edradour as the smallest distillery in Scotland with a production of about 145,000 bottles a year. Kilchoman therefore offers a slightly peated single malt and marked by salty and iodized notes.

  • Lagavulin

    If you're new to whiskey, go your way (at least momentarily) to get back to Lagavulin later !! The whiskeys of Lagavulin are very clivant, we love or hate !! The strong presence of iodine explains this state of affairs. This presence of iodine also gives an impression of medicinal scents such as cloves or seaweeds, but Lagavulin is also beautiful peat (40 ppm) and smoked. In its version Classic Malts Distiller's Edition in finish was of sherry pedro ximenez we find also notes of citrus fruit and candied fruit cake. The rest of the production is aged in bourbon casks.

    Lagavulin (the valley of the mill in Gaelic) was in 1816 the first legal whiskey distillery on Islay, although it is certain that this distillery worked clandestinely since 1742.

    The shape of its two small stills are like pears, they come from the "cultissime" distillery vanished Malt Mill (1908 1960) which was close to Lagavulin. After a long fermentation and slow distillations (around 5 hours for the first distillation and more than 9 hours for the second distillation) these two stills give the Lagavulin single malt a lot of roundness and creaminess. For the record, relations between Laphroaig and Lagavulin have not always been good. Indeed, Lagavulin tried at one time to prevent Laphroaig from using the peaty waters of Loch Solan, justice had to decide in favor of Laphroaig. Since 1998, visits to the distillery are possible, it is a must if you are on Islay.

  • Laphroaig Islay Single...

    Great single malt deals in calais on Laphroaig Islay Single Malt Whiskey. A single malt Laphroaig does not leave indifferent as it is marked by traces of phenol sometimes so sought after by amateurs. Its seaside position and its peat bog house make sure to come back to the style of Laphroaig made of peat, Iodine and salinity. In the Laphroig canteen, the water tap (Loch Kilbride) is disturbed by the strong presence of peat. It is this water that will be the first ingredient of this unique Islay single malt.

  • Port Askaig Islay

    Port Askaig Islay

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