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The Speyside region is located on the North Sea in the heart of the Highlands. This region produces about 60% of the single malt volumes in Scotland and is the region with the most distilleries still in operation (about 50). All are organized around the river Spey which is the main river and which gave its name to the Speyside region. Other rive...

The Speyside region is located on the North Sea in the heart of the Highlands. This region produces about 60% of the single malt volumes in Scotland and is the region with the most distilleries still in operation (about 50). All are organized around the river Spey which is the main river and which gave its name to the Speyside region. Other rivers flow and their name evokes the distilleries that drink there like, La Livet for Glenlivet, the Fiddich for Glenfiddich, the Deveron for Glen deveron and they flow into the Moray golf course that gave Glen Moray.

Speyside Malt whiskeys are not peated (with some exceptions, if peat-fired Malts are used), the whiskeys common to this region are a certain roundness and a lot of elegance. The aromas are always balanced between the fruity notes and the notes of freshly harvested grains, these whiskeys evoke the great classicism of Scottich Malts.

Glenlivet was King George IV's favorite whiskey.



  • Aberlour Speyside...

    Aberlour Speyside Single Malt whiskey. The Aberlour distillery, which takes its name from the namesake village located in the middle of the Speyside region and benefits from the sweetness and purity of the water of the Lour River. James Fleming created it in 1879. Aberlour whiskeys are generally round, fruity and spicy and very balanced.

    The master assembler of Aberlour has inherited a century-old know-how and continues the tradition that gives the distillery the opportunity to elaborate some of the most complex single malts.

  • Cardhu

    Cardhu is a Speyside ideally placed upstream of the Spey River which allows it to benefit from a particularly pure water. Cardhu sells 75% of its single malt production in France and Spain where it enjoys a formidable reputation. Its presence in the selection of classic malts has helped this reputation but the intrinsic quality of these malts is for many. Cardhu produces a tasty, silky malt that is fairly easy at first, evoking honey, malt, wood, but also toffee (English caramel) and fruity notes like apple.

    One third of Cardhu's production is sold as single malt, the rest is an essential component of Johnnie Walker's beautiful blends. This is why it is virtually impossible to find Cardhu at independent bottlers.

    There are some tasty anecdotes to mention about Cardhu. Before 1981 this distillery was named Cardow from the name of the farm which distilled clandestinely from 1811 to 1824 when an official license was bought. During her clandestine period, the control officials were always well received by Helen Cumming, the wife of John, who offered them lunch, she was eager to plant a red flag on the edge of the farm to warn the neighborhood of the arrival. controllers. Helen had found a quick and easy way to get her fermentations trays into bread bins. The first stills William Grant bought for Glenfiddich's startup were Cardhu's first stills.

  • Cragganmore Speyside...

    Buy in calais cheap whiskey like Cragganmore Speyside Single Malt Whiskey. Cragganmore was founded in 1869 by 36-year-old John Smith, but already had incredible experience built at Glenlivet, Glenfarclass, Macallan and Clydesdale, a distillery that disappeared in the early 20 th century. The distillery owes its name to the very mineral source where the water is taken, the Craggan, but also the hill from which were extracted the stones that were used to build the distillery, the Craggan Mor (big rock in gà © rique).

    The choice of Ballindaloch village in Banffshire could have been solely at its source ... but John Smith was also passionate about the great novelty of the moment ... the railroad. A railroad was built along the Strathspey Road, and John Smith was only a few hundred meters to build to be the first to give his distillery benefits of a direct service by the rail for its supplies. barrels, barley and charcoal.

    Cragganmore is away from the traditional Whiskey trail, the Whiskey Trail of the Spey Valley. His notoriety is also due to his presence in the selection of Classic Malt who has directed the spotlight on these very fine whiskeys, very elegant and fruity (apple and candied fruit). The special shape of the neck of its stills which limits the maximum reflux contributes to this specificity.

  • Benriach

    Benriach (the deer hill in Gaelic) is a Speyside distillery, it has long been unknown to the general public because it is mainly used to produce malts used for blends. The creation of this distillery goes back to 1898 and is the work of John Duff a member of the Grant family. Unfortunately Benriach had to close in 1900 following the bankruptcy of Cie Pattisson who was the biggest buyer of whiskeys of the time. This resounding Crack nearly jeopardized the entire whiskey industry in Scotland.

    Benriach was built a stone's throw from Longmorn and was also named a Longmorn 2. Following the Pattisson bankruptcy, the Benriach tool was used as a malt for Longmorn. It was not until 1965 that it was rehabilitated in distillery by Glenlivet. The whiskeys of Benriach have a dual identity now clearly assumed! This Speyside distillery produces non-peated malts (normal for a Speyside) but also peat malts (more amazing!). The reason is simple, in 1978 the distillery was bought by Chivas who was later bought by Seagram. The Seagram group needed peaty whiskeys to make their blends and the demand for peated Islay whiskeys was starting to climb! It was decided in 1983 to entrust Benriach with the production of peat malts from dried barley on a peat fire. The version "Curiositas" comes from malts of this time. In 2001 Pernod Ricard bought Seagram. A campaign of rationalization of the productions leads to the observation that Bentiach distilled only 3 months per year only !! Pernod Ricard decided to separate from 4 distilleries including Benriach in 2004. Billy Walker, the former director of Burn Stewart found investors and bought the distillery. This was Benriach's real rebirth, as the range quickly changed from a single reference to 10 years, to a rich range of treasures in the cellars. The production of peated whiskey at Benrtiach represents more or less 10% of volumes.

  • Benromach Speyside...

    The wine and alcohol superstore in calais where to buy Benromach Speyside Single Malt Whiskey. Benromach is a Speyside distillery located in the large village of Forres in the Moray region of northwestern Speyside. The water comes from the Chapelton a slightly peated spring. Sleeping from 1983 to 1996, it was bought by Gordon & MacPhail in 1993, an independent bottler who knew how to exploit the treasures still in the cellars and which made him benefit from his science of the aging of malts in Spanish barrels of second filling. The single malt from Benromach are slightly peaty (8 to 12 ppm) and are reminiscent of the style of the great Speyside of the 60s, Macallan 12 years was sherry at 43 ° for example. Benromach is the smallest distillery in Speyside in operation, only 2 people are needed to produce 200,000 liters per year. A major effort to modernize the production tool was undertaken by Gordon & McPhail during the renaissance of Benromach, but the recipes and ingredients used stick as much as possible to the original spirit. The style of Benromach is slightly peaty, marked by notes of grass, hay and vanilla.

  • Blair Athol Speyside

    Blair Athol Distillerie en Speyside

  • Dailuaine Speyside

    The Dailuaine distillery was built in 1852 in Charlestown-of-Aberlour by a farmer named William Mackenzie, it draws its water in the Bailliemullich Burn a source that seems to feed the Spey River. The distillery Dailuaine is located away from the road distilleries, this distillery has long remained quite unknown to the public. Only the steam columns and the smells of malts nearby could betray Dailuaine's presence. Daluaine is one of the largest Diageo distillery with 3,500,000 liters produced per year. Only 2 to 3% of its production is sold as single malt and the rest goes into Johnnie Walker blends. Daluiane is less known because its whiskeys were not selected by Diageo for its Classic Malts collection, while the quality of its single malts is remarkably classic.

  • Glenburgie Speyside

    There seems to be a gap between the 1810 construction of the distillery that was then called Kinflat and the production of the 1st single malt Speyside Glenburgie by the distillery in 1829. In 1936 Glenburgie was bought by George Ballantine & Son, this explains that the Glenburgie is part of blendBallantine's but also the Teacher's. Notably, the first woman to hold the position of director of a distillery was Margaret Nicol, director of Glenburgie in 1959. Glenburgie single malt was marketed under the name of Glencraig in the 1970s and 1980s, it was a nod to eye made to its director at the time Mr Craig.

  • Glenfiddich

    The big distillery of Dufftown is Glenfiddich (the place also shelters Balvenie and Kininvie) its dimensions became colossal. Consider that 30% of single malts sold worldwide are produced by Glenfidich. This Speyside distillery has its own cooperage that repairs and builds 30 casks a day. A bottling unit is on site. This gives the Glenfiddich single malts the following advantage, it is the same water from the source Robbie Dhu (slightly peaty it flows from the neighboring Conval Hills) which serves throughout the manufacturing process including during the reduction at 40 ° before bottling. Glenfiddich succeeds in producing Pharaonic volumes and preserving high quality. The distillery works with thirty or so stills, but the slightest detail is neat, each new still is the identical reproduction of the distillery's still alambic (including the bumps ...). and consistency in the quality of these huge volumes, Glenfiddich is the only distillery to assemble after nine months the production batch to homogenize the taste of alcohols out of 30 stills.

    Glenfiddich was the first distillery to sell a single malt out of Scotland at a time when whiskey was consumed in the form of blended whiskey. The Grant family has been a pioneer in many aspects of what was not yet marketing. Think of it as having created a triangular bottle in 1956 for the launch of the Grant's blend, the same form was repeated in 1963 with the launch of Glenfiddich single Malt. The Grant family was the first to sell their bottles in canister or cardboard packaging, they understood first and foremost the importance of Duty Free shops at airports or transatlantic companies for the global spread of the Glenfiddich brand. Nowadays this brand is distributed in more than 180 countries.

  • Glenlivet

    During his visit to Scotland King George IV asked for a glass of Glenlivet. Beyond the quality of this superb Speyside single malt from the Moray region, it was a political gesture of the sovereign since Glenlivet was the first distillery to leave the clandestine by acquiring in 1824 an official license to distill. Glenlivet is quickly recognized as the Scottish whiskey par excellence, sweet, complex with notes of biscuits, toffee, wood and exotic fruits. The Glenlivet style was copied so much that the mark was laid by Mr Smith in 1876 and that various actions in justices from 1880 resulted in 1884 that the Glenlivet distillery obtained the right to be named "The Glenlivet" the only and true Glenlivet Distillery the whiskey of the Livet River Valley. but other distilleries were entitled to use the Glenlivet suffix as a pledge of style and quality still with the Glen Glenlivet Glen for example.

    The Glenlivet is the first brand of single malts sold in the US is the second largest brand worldwide behind the indestructible Glenfiddich. The Glenlivet is part of Chivas Real and Chivas Royal Salute.

  • Glen Moray
  • Glenrothes Speyside...

    Buy cheap whiskey in Calais like Glenrothes Speyside Single Malt Whiskey. Glenrothes is a distillery founded in 1878 in Rothes in Speyside. It has long been dedicated to the supply of whiskeys for Blends Cutty Sark and Famous Grouse, and for a long time due to Gordon & McPhail being also sold confidentially as a single malt. In the 80s it began to be sold in 8 years and 12 years in official version. It was in the 90s that marketing made its effect, a new bottle inspired by the bottles of samples was adopted and finally its beautiful qualities of flexible speyside, marked by wood and cinnamon, honey and fruits blacks were recognized for their true value.

  • Glenfarclas Speyside...

    Glenfarclas (Green Grass Valley in Gaelic) is a single malt distillery located in Ballindalloch since 1836 in the heart of Speyside at the foot of the Ben Rinnes. The family Grant is the owner of this distillery and it is this family spirit that allows this distillery to be relatively safe from decisions made solely for financial reasons. For example, Genfarclas malts are mostly aged in sherry casks, which are much more expensive than Bourbon casks. It is at this price that the characteristics of Glenfarclas whiskeys are preserved. The sherry casks bring to the range of notes of Christmas Pudding, blond tobacco, raisins and nutmeg. It is this same family spirit that prevailed when the Grant family chose the Mälher Besse family (merchant in Bordeaux and owner of Château Palmer in Margaux) to distribute Glenfarclas in France. For the record, the Grant family was looking for a pied-à-terre midway between Glenlivet and Edinburgh at a time when traveling was taking time. Their attention then fell on Glenfarclas, nobody regrets it. Although Glenfarclas' labels include Highland single malt, Glenfarclas is a Speyside distillery producing a Speyside. In fact historically the Speyside area was considered part of the Highlands. With almost half the number of distilleries still in operation, Speyside is now a full-fledged region in the classification of Scotch whiskeys.

  • Glen Spey Speyside...

    Whiskey deals in calais Glen Spey Speyside Single Malt Whiskey. Glen Spey is a Speyside distillery located in Rothes since 1884. James Stuart of Macallan is at the origin. Glen Spey is part of J & B, among others, and the J & B logo appears on the distillery sign. It is very rare to get a bottle of this single malt.

  • Knockando

    Knockando (small black hill in Gaelic) is a distillery in the Moray region in Speyside built in Knockando in 1898 and which draws exclusive water source "Cardnach" .Knockando was one of the first to sell also his whiskey in the form of single malt. The whiskeys produced by Knockando are one of the Blend bases of the J & B house (Justerini & Brooks), they are also well known in France and Spain (the presence of 12 years in the selection of Diageo LVMH's Classic Malt has helped to raise its profile ). Sales of single malts account for 10% of production. Knockando's style is first and foremost light single malts, barely peated to serve as a tasting medium with fresh almond notes (in its youngest versions), with fruity notes. One of the characteristics of Knockando is to vintage all his productions. The visit of the distillery with its pagoda-shaped roofs is a beautiful moment.

  • Macduff Speyside...

    buy in calais whiskey like Macduff Speyside single malt whiskey. The Macduff Distillery was built in 1960 in Banf, not far from Deveron, the river from which Macduff draws its water. MacDuff is a Speyside distillery. If you drink a Glen Deveron you drink a single malt official Macduff Distillery, if you enjoy a Macduff, you enjoy a single malt that is offered by an independent bottler. The whiskey from the Macduff Distillery is also part of the William Lawson Blend.

  • Strathisla Speyside

    The Miltown Distillery was founded on the banks of the Ila River in Perthshire in 1786 under the name of Miltown. From 1870 and 1890 and after 1949 she was baptized Strathisla (Valley of L'isla in Gaelic), when she returned to the chivas group. This Speyside single malt is an important part of the composition of Chivas Regal and Royal Salute. The Strathisla distillery is the oldest distillery still active in the Scottish Highlands (of which speyside is one). This speyside in 12 years is marked by notes of citrus and wood, the mouth is greedy and the finish evokes white fruits and licorice. a classic.

  • Singleton

    The Singleton of Dufftown is a Speyside distillery in the city of Dufftonw. Dufftown is home to the Fiddich River. Dufftown self-proclaims the "capital of Scottish Whiskey" as Dufftown's best-known distillery is Glenfiddich. The Singleton of Dufftown is a naturally rich, unctuous single malt aged in Oloroso sherry casks. the 12th anniversary of the distillery is representative enough of the speyside style for Singleton of Dufftown to be selected in the Classic Malts. The Singleton brand can also be followed by Glen Ord or Glendullan, because The Singleton is a kind of umbrella brand that is used around the world by Diageo LVMH as an umbrella brand serving the three Dufftown distilleries, Glen Ord and Glendullan.

    For a long time, Dufftown whiskey was the only outlet for Bell's brand Blend. In mathematics, when a set contains only one element it is called a Singleton. It is this unique idea that the Singleton brand conveys.

  • Tamdhu Speyside Single...

    Buy in calais cheap Tamdhu Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whiskey. Tamdhu is a Speyside distillery founded in 1897 in the city of Knockando, exclusively to produce whiskey for blends. Nowadays, this distillery always fulfills its primary role by entering among others in the composition of blends of which the most known are, Famous Grouse, Cutty Sark and J & B (Justerini & Brooks). The production of single malt sold as such is still confidential, and apart from the official Tamdhu 10 years, it is the independent bottlers like Gordon & McPhail or Sigatory Vintage who have made known the Tamdhu Single Malt. The group Ian McLeod owns Tamdhu and will apply to this distillery the same method that made the success of one of its other distillery, Glengoyne. Case to follow !!

  • The Balvenie Speyside...

    Buy in calais cheap The Balvenie Speyside Single Malt Whiskey. The Balvenie is one of the last UFOs in Scotland since this distillery is still able to use (in part) barley produced in the local fields, this barley will be malted and then dried at, the distillery in the Kiln house then will be aged in barrels made in the house cooperage. The Balvenie is close to Genfiddich and belongs to the Grants & Sons group. The reputation of The Balvenie is due to its quasi-handcrafted manufacturing process but also to its Master of Malt, David Stewart who has the genius to find the best combinations to maintain the style of The Balvenie made of elegance and suavity.

  • Linkwood Speyside...

    Linkwood Speyside Single Malt Whiskey

  • GLENFIDDICH Speyside

    GLENFIDDICH Speyside

  • Speybrun Speyside

    Speybrun Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

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