KNOCKANDO 15 YO Richly Matured Speyside Whisky


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Alcohol Degree 43
Type of Product Alcohols
Volume 70cl
Country Scotland
Region , Scotland
Appellations Speyside, Single Malt
Château Domaine or Brand Classic Malts, Knockando
Type of Spirit whiskey
Age 15 years
Whiskey Type Single Malt

whiskey Knockando

This KNOCKANDO 15 years Richly Matured is a single malt whiskey from Scotland on the Speyside appellation. You will like in this version passed in 2 different barrels (Sherry and Bourbon in second filling) of beautiful notes of fruits and spices. Knockando which translates to little black hill in Gaelic, is a distillery in the Moray region of Speyside built in Knockando in 1898. It draws water only from the Cardnach spring. Knockando was one of the first distillery to also distribute its whiskey as a single malt. The whiskeys produced by Knockando are one of the bases of J & B's Blends (Justerini & Brooks), they are also very well known in France and Spain. Knockando's style is above all fairly light single malts, barely peated to serve as a flavor support with touches of fresh almonds in its younger versions, with fruity notes. Knockando has the particularity of vintage all its productions. Visiting the distillery with its pagoda-shaped roofs is a pleasant moment. This KNOCKANDO 15 years old Richly Matured Speyside is a Single Malt. To be a Single Malt a whiskey follows two important rules. The whiskey must come from a single distillery (Single), then come only from malted cereals (Malt). This malted cereal must be barley in rare exceptions it is possible to use rye. Scotland is the biggest single malt supplier. These are called Scotch Single Malt Whiskey, but you will find other producing countries such as Japan, India, the Czech Republic or France which also offer good Single Malts. the conditions remain the same, this whiskey must be the product of one and the same distillery and the cereal used must be malted barley.

This KNOCKANDO 15 years Richly Matured is a whiskey from Speyside, a region located by the North Sea, in the heart of the Highlands. This region alone produces about 60% of the volumes of single malts in Scotland, it is the region with the most distilleries still in operation, around fifty. Everything is organized around the River Spey which is the main river that gave its name to the Speyside region. Other rivers flow and their name evokes the distilleries which drink there like the Livet for Glenlivet, the Fiddich for Glenfiddich, the Deveron for Glen Deveron, they flow in the golf of Moray, which gave the Glen Moray. With some exceptions, where peat-dried malts have been used, Speyside malt whiskeys are not peated. The characteristic common to the whiskeys of this region is a certain roundness and a lot of elegance. The aromas are always balanced between fruity touches and notes of freshly harvested grains, Speyside whiskeys evoke the great classicism of Scottish Malts. For your information know that Speyside Glenlivet was King George IV's favorite whiskey! This whiskey is a Scottish whiskey. It is in Scotland that you will find the largest number of active distilleries with more than 97 listed malt distilleries. Traditionally, distilleries use double distillation, a regulated distillation since the 17th century! This shows to what extent the famous "" scotch whiskey "", known and renowned for its taste qualities, is part of Scottish heritage. Five main regions are commonly accepted: the Lowlands to the south and the Highlands to the north are the two largest, Speyside which lies to the north-east, Campbeltown and the islands (Orkney, Skye, Mull, Jura and Arran) and finally the Isle of Islay where there is certainly the highest density of malt distilleries in the country.

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