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Japanese Whiskey Hakushu Japanese Whiskey Suntory

Hakushu whiskey, a know-how since 1973

The Hakushu Distillery is one of the Suntory Group's Yamazaki distilleries. This Japanese whiskey distillery was built in 1973 (then expanded in 1981) at the foot of Mount Kaikoma, in the southern Japanese Alps. Its production is sold as a single malt but also enters the production of Suntory blends such as Hibiki. The Ojira River from which water is drawn is considered one of the purest and most mineral rivers in Japan. Moreover, the name Hakushu in Japanese can be translated as "white sand barrier" which clearly underlines the minerality of its water. Hakushu is able to produce a wide variety of Japanese whiskeys from the lightest to the strongest as it has a large collection of yeasts and several stills of different shapes. Hakushu uses different types and capacities of barrels, made with oaks from various horizons. indeed the stock of barrels comes from American, French, Hungarian oaks and of course the mythical but rare Mizunara (Japanese oak). Located in the middle of the forest, Hakushu is also nicknamed the "Distillery in the Woods".

Distill in the distillery of the Woods, Hakushu whiskey