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In this section you will find high and bottled whiskeys or only bottled by official distillery companies. Indeed the role of an independent bottler or a brand is to select barrels that have particularly caught their attention during tasting. the commitment of each independent bottler can be either to try to reflect the spirit of the style of eac...

In this section you will find high and bottled whiskeys or only bottled by official distillery companies. Indeed the role of an independent bottler or a brand is to select barrels that have particularly caught their attention during tasting. the commitment of each independent bottler can be either to try to reflect the spirit of the style of each distillery as accurately as possible, or to look for futs of the versions that have a particularity. The big names of bottlers are Cadnhead's, Vintage Signatory, Murray Mcdavid, Gordon & MacPhail .... So many noble institutions that support and grow the single malt market. They were at the origin of barrel finishes rarer than the classic bourbon casks of sherry casks.



  • Signatory Vintage

    Signatory Vintage whiskyeys. Andrew Symington founded his whiskey trading house in 1998 in Newhave, Scotland. It is under the Signatory Vintage brand recognizable with its large S in character evoking the medieval era that the brand has developed, with single malts Cask Strength and without cold filtering (unchilled filtered) and well often unnoticed that Andrew Symington really knew the consecration. Many amateurs have refined their knowledge of a distillery by tasting these malts in the most natural state. No need to travel to the distilleries for the strength of the barrel wins us .... Each bottle is numbered and signed manually. Since 1992, a small bottling line has allowed Signatory Vintage to master the process, including bottling. In order to further increase their knowledge of whiskey, Signatory Vintage has become the owner of the Edradour distillery.

  • Classic Malts Single...

    Classic Malts Single Malt Scotch Whiskeys. The selection of Single Malt composing Classic Malts Selection is supposed to represent the diversity of the types of whiskeys that Scotland can propose according to the terroirs. Each region is represented by a distillery owned by Diageo LVMH. Over the years this selection has grown, here is the list of happy elected. Being part of this selection is a real spotlight on the distillery which acquires in a few years a world renown. Caol Ila, Cardhu, Cragganmore, Dalwhinnie, Glenkinchie, Knockando, Lagavulin, Oban, Talisker, The Singleton of Dufftown. Thus the Highlands, Lowlands, Speyside, Islay, Skye are represented in this selection.

  • Chieftain's Whisky

    Chieftain's is an independent bottler label from Ian Macleod, run by the very endearing and skilled Antony McCallum. This collection has been medalist and rewarded on multiple occasions. Each drum selected in the spring or autumn by Anthony has its own personality. The Chieftain's range covers a maximum of regions, distillery and types of aging. Each single malt is proposed in its original color, unfiltered cold and reduced to the degree of alcohol decided by Anthony McCallum or sometimes to the strength of the drum without retouching. Depending on the degree of alcohol some aromas are expressed better than others. Each label signed by Anthony McCallum tells you about the distillery, the age of aging, the type of barrel.

  • Cadenhead's

    William Cadenhead was originally in 1842 of what is considered the oldest independent whiskey bottler. Nowadays, Cadenhead's is still a bottler trader of Rums, Gins and Whiskeys but is now under the authority of the group that holds Springbank. The particularity of Cadenhead's is that the whiskeys are bottled each time in barrel (Cask Strength) and of course unfiltered cold or artificially colored.

  • Gordon & McPhail

    You have to go to Elgin at 58/60 South Street to admire the Gordon & MacPhail Boutique which was created in 1865 by James Gordon and John Alexander MacPhail. The whiskey activity is still there, (besides we can not buy whiskey before 10:00 am) associated with the original activity of groceries. The place of Gordon & MacPhail in the world of independent bottlers and more generally in the world of single malts is very particular. Indeed, Gordon & MacPhail was somehow the first to invent the bottling on behalf of the distilleries (Macallan, Glenlivet, Grant Glen, Linkwood and Mortlach), not satisfied to fill only the bottles he was first to fill and raise the whiskeys in their own cellars in barrels of various origins. Moreover, in the 60's the company made known to post-war Europe the single malts of Scotland through a collection called "Connoisseur's Choice". Thus it can be said that the joint action of Glenfiddich and Gordon & MacPhail at this time is at the origin of the craze for singles malts of Scotland. Gordon & MacPhail is still a family company, it is the fourth generation that presides over the destiny of this monument of whiskey in Scotland.

  • Rare Blended Whiskies...

    Rare Blended Whiskies by Michel Couvreur. Michel Couvreur died in 2013 at the age of 85 but his work continues through his name which becomes a quality label for whiskey lovers with refined finishes in mainly sherry futs. Indeed, the major idea of ​​Michel roofer was in these words "A whiskey owes 90% of its quality to the summer that sheltered and 10% to distillation". When the Bourbon cask became the standard aging cask, it was considered a great shame to abandon the sherry cask, harder to find and more expensive.

    Michel Couvreur was of Belgian nationality but spent the majority of his life between Burgundy and Scotland. Michel Couvreur whiskeys are whiskeys of independent bottler whose barrels have aged in Burgundy Bouze Lès Beaune

  • Islay Boys Mackay...

    Islay Boys Mackay Smith and Donald Mac Kenzie. Islay Boys is a Label created by Messrs. Mackay Smith and Donald MacKenzie (he speaks an almost perfect French, endowed with a devastating Scottish humor, he is well known in the world of wine shops in France). These two characters are well born on Islay and claim it. One in Port Chalotte on the southern slope of Islay and the other Portnahaven in the west of the island. This upcoming collection will be released limited editions of which only two children of Islay have the secret. They have opened doors in all the distilleries and know the nooks and crannies. to follow

  • Scotch Whiskey Douglas...

    Since 1948 Douglas Laing has been marketing Blend and single malt whiskeys as an independent bottler.

  • Ian Macleod's

    Glengoyne, Tamdhu for the distilleries, Smokehead and Islke of Skye, The 6 Isles, for brands or Chieftain's Choice, As We Got It for independent bottler labels, here is a glimpse of the breadth of activity of the Ian Macleod is more than ever 100% Scottish. The production of Brandy and Gin, such as London Hill, is one of his activities. Léonard Russel, the founder of the company in 1936, did not suspect that he was at the origin of one of the main actors in the world of Scottish whiskey.

  • Robert Burns

    Robert Burns or (Robbie Burns for Scots) is Scotland's "favorite son", the "Avshire Bard". This poet was born in 1759 and died young in 1796 but his work inspired the romantic movement. He is the emblematic figure of Scottish culture in general and the autonomist claim of Scotland. Needless to say, his work was an opportunity to praise whiskey, the heart of life in Scotland. It is to this figurehead that the Arran distillery has appealed to talk about his young single malt (6 years) and its blend with a high percentage of Arran single malt.

  • Very Cloudy or The...

    Very Cloudy or The Un-chillfiltered Whiskey Collection. This range of whiskey was created by Andrew Symington author of the brand "Signatory Vintage" This collection offers whiskeys of a single barrel unfiltered cold in English "Un-chillfiltered." The texture of these whiskeys is generally greasier oily, it is these suspended fatty substances preserved during a light filtration which are disturbed during the reduction to 40 °.

  • James Eadie

    James Eadie Independent bottler and breeder of great whiskeys

  • Mossburn Whiskey

    Mossburn Whiskey

  • RB Distillers

    RB Distillers

  • House of McCallum

    Antony McCallum created the iconic House of McCallum Whiskey House. Antony has a long history that saw him go through Hart Brothers and Ian Macleod where he signed the legendary Chieftain's line. We are happy to welcome this new Independent Bottler who is not so new in the small world Whiskey.

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Showing 1 - 48 of 101 items