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ISLE OF SKYE 12 years old

ISLE of SKYE 12 Years Old Blended Scotch Whiskey by Ian Macleod

ref: 13964


ISLE of SKYE 12 Years Old Blended Scotch Whiskey by Ian Macleod.

This whiskey is a Blended, which are the origin of the whiskey. Translated from English to blend means to assemble, mix. This is what is done with this type of whiskey, which is a blend of whiskeys from several origins. The blend is made from whiskeys of different cereals, made from malt, from different distilleries or more or less aged. Originally the big brands of Blend whiskeys were English wine and spirits distribution houses, assembling different Scotch whiskeys according to a particular recipe. Blends are found around the world in many countries such as Japan or Ireland. If it's a blend, some blends are still sought after around the world because they are top notch.

This Isle Of SKYE 12 YEARS Blended Whiskey 70 cl is produced on the Isle of Islay. The characteristic style common to all whiskeys from the Isle of Islay is this presence of smoky notes. These smoky notes are due to the peat which is used to dry the barley during the malting operation. The peat, consuming more than it burns, gives off a great deal of smoke. It is this smoke that gives this taste that we find in these whiskeys.
The Lochs water used produces more or less peat and gives this Islay whiskey these peaty (a little earthy) notes. On this island one can notice two large production areas, with smoked and peaty whiskeys in the south, sometimes to the extreme, and on the other side the marine influence brings iodine and saline notes. Laphroig which is Prince Charles' favorite whiskey happens to be an Islay whiskey.

Isle Of SKYE 12 YEARS Blended Whiskey 70 cl is a Single Malt.

To be a Single Malt, a whiskey obeys 2 important rules. The whiskey be produced in a single distillery (Single), but also come only from malted cereals (Malt). The malted cereal must be barley, however in exceptional conditions it is possible to use rye. Scotland is the main producer of single malt whiskey. These are Scotch Scotch Single Malt Whiskey, but there are other producing nations such as Japan, India, the Czech Republic or France which also distill tasty Single Malt. the conditions remain the same, the whiskey must come from a single distillery and the cereal used must be malted barley.


Type of Product Alcohols
Volume 70cl
Country Scotland
Appellations Blend Islay Single Malt Skye Speyside
Château Domaine or Brand Ian Mcleod's
Pairing Ideas aperitif
Type of Spirit whiskey
Age 12 years
Whiskey Type Blended whisky Single Malt fruity whisky iodized whisky smoky whisky woody whisky
Alcohol Degree 40
incl. VAT
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