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Edradour Distillery Highland


  • ArdmoreHighlands Whiskey

    The Ardmore Distillery is located in the Highlands but on the border of Speyside. It was founded in 1898 by a Teacher's and it is quite natural that its production comes partly in the composition of Blend Teacher's (about thirty malts make up this blend). Fun fact, a distillery that was later absorbed by Lagavulin existed from 1817 to 1837 and also bore the name of Ardmore. The Ardmore Highland single malts are soft and balanced, marked by a peaty and smoky impression. A corollary of peat, notes of heather appear quickly. Ardmore also offers notes of vanilla, honey, cinnamon and salted butter caramel. It's a gourmet single malt. Ardmore in gaic means "Great Height".

  • Balblair

    Balbair Distillery is not the best-known distillery in this part of Scotland north of the Highlands. Other prestigious neighbors like Glenmorangie attract a greater number of visitors. Balbair has long been a distillery supplying premium malts for Blend's big house. In the 1990s, Balbair's first single malts were released, and something rare enough to be underlined, Balbair only offers vintage whiskeys. The origin of the name of Balbair would come from the Gaelic meaning "Field of Battle" while making reference to the homeric battles that were delivered Viking and Picts. Balbair is perfect for whiskey neophytes because of its classic fruity and floral style, without peat and iodine, and with its fine and discreet oak.

  • Ben Nevis Highlands...

    Cheap single malt in calais like Ben Nevis Highlands Whiskey. The Ben Nevis Distillery is named after the highest point in Scotland and the United Kingdom (1344 m). This Highland distillery was founded in 1825 by John MacDonald, making it one of the oldest distillery in Scotland. Ben Nevis whiskeys are usually finished in sherry casks and recently bourbon casks have appeared on the market. This single malt is also part of the Blend Nevis Dew special reserve in its traditional jug.

  • Clynelish Highlands...

    In Calais Buy cheap Whisky like Clynelish Highlands Whiskey. The Clynelish distillery is close to the Brora distillery closed since 1983. Located north of the Highlands on the North Sea. Clynelish was rebuilt in 1967 and the architecture looks like Caol Ila. The old Clynelish was named Brora. Clynelish whiskeys are fruity and supple. About 1% of the production is marketed under the name Clynelish, the rest is assembled with other Malts for the beautiful versions of the Johnnie Walker whiskeys including the Gold Label. These bottles are therefore quite rare to obtain.

  • Dalmore Highlands...

    Best place in calais to buy single malt like Dalmore Highlands Single Malt. The Dalmore Distillery is located on the "Black Isle", the "Black Island" north of the Highlands (in fact it is only a peninsula). Dalmore now belongs to the blend brand Whyte and Mackay. However a deer head decorating each bottle of Dalmore refers to the coat of arms of the Mackenzie Clan first owner of the distillery. Dalmore may be the oldest still in Scotland since it dates back to 1874. Dalmore has not succumbed to the temptation of aging in bourbon barrels and continues to devote some of his whiskey to sherry casks or other great fine wines to the delight of cigar lovers.

  • Dalwhinnie Winter's Gold

    The Dalwhinnie distillery belongs to the LVMH group and is part of the selection Classics Malts. it is supposed to "represent" the Highland whiskeys. The arduous task of Highland whiskeys is such a difference from one great Highland region to another. Dalwhinnie offers smooth and soft single malts with a fairly dry finish. The latest production Winter's Gold refers to the harsh winters that crosses this highland region located at 326 meters above sea level. The Dalwhinnie also rents in the composition of Blend Black & White.

  • Edradour

    Andrew Symington, the founder of the independent bottler brand Signatory Vintage has owned the distillery Edradour since 2002. He succeeds the group Pernod Ricard who has lost this distillery deemed too small. Only 12 barrels of whiskey are produced per week. One year's production equates to what a standard Speyside distillery can produce in a week. Long regarded as the smallest distillery in the world, this title was delighted in 2005 by the creation of the micro-distillery of Islay, Kilchoman. edradour also produces a very peaty Ballechin whiskey.

    When it was founded in 1825, the distillery bore the name of Glenforres and it was only 10 years after its creation that it became known as Edradour. The distillery is located in the village of Pitlochry. Even if you are not a fan of whiskey, if you go not far from Edradour go visit this pretty little distillery that has 'it' inspired Walt Disney to imagine the village of the dwarves in white snow. It is for all these reasons that Edradour is one of the jewels of the Highlands.

  • Fettercairn

    This distillery is located in the Highlands but on the East Coast, near the North Sea between Aberdeen and Dundee. Fettercairn was the second distillery to obtain a legal license to produce whiskey just after the Glenlivet. The history of this distillery is marked by the Gladstone family. William Gladstone, was prime minister of the United Kingdom in the last quarter of the 19th century. It was at this time and under his authority that the duties on whiskey were reduced. The coincidence is fortuitous but very real.

    Nowadays, Fettercairn's production is essentially dedicated to Blends including Whiskey White and Mackay. Only 5% of the production is sold as single malt, but this percentage should increase if we consider the deserved success of the FIOR version of Fettercairn.

  • Glencadam

    Since November 2008 the Glencadam distillery sells its own Single Malt under its name. This was a first for this Highland distillery created in 1825 whose production was devoted to the constitution of beautiful Blend as the whiskeys of the Ballantine's range. This newcomer to the world of Single Malts was quick to get noticed, as the 10-year-old won the title of Best Single Malt in the Under 12 category.

  • Glen Garioch

    A Scottish proverb says that small things can come from big things, just like Glen Garioch is a tiny distillery in the Eastern Highlands not far from the city of Aberdeen. Its date of foundation in 1797 makes it one of the oldest distillery in Scotland. Glengarioch came under Japanese capital from the Suntory group in 1994 and was closed in 1995 and reopened in 1997 in the year of the bicentennial of its creation. Glen Garioch's style has fluctuated over time. Nowadays, it's a Single Malt marked by notes of exotic fruits, but distilled versions in the 70's will offer you a Single Malt marked by Peat. Glen Garioch has always been at the forefront of technical innovation, in 1972, this distillery was the first to heat its gas stills.

    Although most of his production is sold under his name, Gen Garioch has entered the composition of famous blends like Grant's, Bell's or Drambuie.

  • Glengoyne Highlands...

    Buy at cheap price in Calais Glengoyne Highlands Single Malt Whiskey. Glengoyne means in Gaelic "wild geese valley", it is a Highland distillery located north of Glasgow. One of the particularity of Glengoyne is to dry its Malts with warm air and not on peat fires. The peculiarity of Glengoyne is that the stills are located in the Highlands while the storage cellars are in the Lowlands. Its supple and fruity and slightly spicy style would tip the balance towards a Lowland style, complex, delicate, but it is a Highland. Glengoyne is sold in Single Malt under his name but also serves for the constitution of Blend Langs.

    Glengoyne with Macallan are the two distilleries to use the barley variety "Golden Promise", a barley of high quality but low yield. The whashbacks are in Oregon pine and give the whiskey its spicy notes (clove). The barrels used for the maturation of the whiskey are American barrels containing Bourbon and Spanish containing Sherry / Sherry.

  • Glenmorangie

    The Glenmorangie Distillery is an institution in the United Kingdom. Of the 10 million bottles produced about 6 million are sold in the United Kingdom, it can be said that this is the British reference Single Malt. Glenmorangie, distillery of the Eastern Highlands began its distillery activity in 1843 the first 2 stills purchased used were for the manufacture of Gin. They measured 8 meters with a collar of 3 meters, but were still installed in the state. Glenmorangie says it holds the tallest stills in Scotland, which Bruichladdich refutes. It is played to a few centimeters ...... The height of these stills allows the production of a light supple Single Malt, marked in its classic version "Original Matured" in Bourbon cask, by hints of honey, orange and currants. The source water Tarlogie, rich in minerals is the second element that gives Glenmorangie its specificity. During the 1990s, the distillery acquired 600 acres of land around the distillery to control the quality of the water it draws.

    Glenmorangie has been owned since 2004 by LVMH and Diageo, and the shareholder upscaling policy implies that 100% of the production is sold in Glenmoragie bottles. The production of the fabulous blend BNJ (Baillie Nicol & Jarvie) is therefore no longer possible.

    The intervention of the man is crucial in the process of manufacturing a bottle of Glenmorangie, the distillation is ensured by the "Sixteen men of Tain" then the maturation is entrusted to a team directed by Mr Lumsden who is at the origin of the aging program in different "Extra Matured" barrels such as Port, Sherry, Sauternes or red wines etc. This program is so much at the heart of Glenmoragnie's development and differentiation strategy that the distillery now owns its oak forest in Missouri. The casks produced in the USA dry 2 years before being rented to Heaven Hill or Jack Daniel's then cross the Atlantic and welcome Glenmorangie.

  • Inchmurrin

    Inchmurrin is one of eight brands produced at the Loch Lomond distillery distillery whose stills are in the Highlands and aging cellars in the Lowlands. Loch Lomond has stills whose neck length can be changed at will. Inchmurrin is made with a very long still that gives this Single Malt while flexibility with floral notes.

  • Glendronach
  • Loch Lomond Highlands...

    Buy in Calais cheap whiskey like Loch Lomond Highlands single malt whisky. This Highland distillery located near the Loch Lomond, the second largest loch after Loch Ness, is very prolix since it produces no less than 8 brands of whiskeys, including Loch Lomond and Inchmurrin, thanks to a squeezed alembic neck. variable. The longer the neck of the still is, the more the alcohol produced will be pure but light, and the shorter the neck will be, the more powerful and massive the alcohol will be. Tintinophiles know the whiskey brand Loch Lomond since it is this brand that drinks Captain Haddock. Loch Lomond is the only distillery to produce Malt whiskeys and grain whiskeys thanks to its two types of stills (Potstill for malts and Coffey Still for grains). The current capacity is 10 million liters of grain whiskeys and 2.5 million liters of malt whiskeys the equivalent of 43 million bottles a year.

  • Oban Highlands...

    Best wine shop in calais to buy cheap single malt like Oban Highlands Classics Malt Whiskey. Oban is a highland distillery located on the Hebrides Island. The marine influence is important. This highlights and explains the great diversity of malt whiskey type in the Highlands and its subclassification into 4 major production areas. In the case of Oban we are in the West Highlands. Oban was founded in 1794 is the distillery took over from the activity of a brewery, Oban is the oldest distillery in Scotland and one of the smallest. It will remain so because the land reserve on the island is very limited between the cliffs and the sea. It is one of the last urban distillery, established in the main street. It produces only 700,000 liters a year. Oban is one of the Classic Malts representing the Highlands. The Oban style is a touch of smoke, a malt with a dry and lively finish.

  • Old Pulteney Highlands...

    Best wines and spirits  shop in calais to buy Old Pulteney Highlands Single Malts Whiskey. The Old Pulteney distillery is one of the most northerly distillery in Scotland and is one of the last remaining urban distilleries in the Pulteneytown district of Wick. The maritime influence on this whiskey is essential. In the first place, the cellars turned towards the sea implies saline notes in all the whiskeys of this house. In addition, for a long time the only way of supply of raw material and delivery of whiskeys was the sea. For a long time the workers of the distillery were also fishermen. The two riches of the city were the "barrels of silver" full of herrings and the "barrels of gold" punishments of whiskey. Nowadays only "barrels of gold" continue to leave the city by road and not by sea. Everything changes ....

    The shape of the bottle of Old Pulteney recalls the shape of the still. It is said that this still has no neck sign in the end, because during delivery, it turned out that the still was too high for the building. The director of the distillery at the time would have decided purely and simply to remove the swan neck, which also explains the singularity of this formidable Single Malt

  • Glenglassaugh Highlands

    Glenglassaugh Highlands Single Malt Scotch Whisky

  • Tomatin Highland

    Tomatin Highlands

  • Tullibardine

    Tullibardine Highland Distillery

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