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  • Aumance Whisky
  • Black Mountain Scotch...

    Black Mountain Scotch Whisky Aged in France in Cognac and Armagnac barrels. Black Mountain whiskeys are currently whiskey distilled in Scotland then shipped to the South West of France for a finish in barrels of Armagnac and Cognac. The "second floor of the rocket" is expected in 2018 with the opening of a whiskey distillery in France in the South West.

  • Bellevoye Whisky
  • Hautes Glaces Domaine
  • Warenghem Bretagne
  • Guillon Distillery in...

    French whiskeys from Guillon Distillery in Champagne Region. Barley is harvested on the plains of the Champagne region, the aging in oak barrels takes place in barrels containing famous French wines, Malt Mountain Reims is developed in the greatest respect for tradition.
    It was in 1997 that the Guillon Distillery was born. The Montagne de Reims produced great Chardonnay for large champagnes, it is definitely necessary to add a skill, the Mountain of Reims also produces magnificent "whiskeys". Thierry Guillon is an oenologist, and masters the great secrets of distillation and aging of the Spirit of Malt. The discovery of a source of water of extreme purity was enough to make it switch to the side of the producers of great alcohols.

  • Rozelieures Lorraine...

    The first Lorrain whiskey appeared in the early 2000s, it is the fruit of the meeting of two of the three essential elements of whiskey. The distiller of Mirabelles (1st element) Hubert Grallet meets the cereal producer (2nd element) Christophe Dupic. The mountains of the Vosges which feed the groundwater under the commune of Rozelieures brought the third element, the pure water. This Lorraine whiskey combines softness and power, discover it in three different versions, all really successful.

  • Distillerie des Menhirs
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Showing 1 - 48 of 48 items