Riesling Grand Cru Altenberg de Bergheim Old Vines Gustave Lorentz


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Classification France 220421 Vins de raisins frais, y.c. les vins enrichis en alcool (à l'excl. des vins mousseux); moûts de raisins dont la fermentation a été empêchée ou arrêtée par addition d'alcool, en récipients d'une contenance
Nomenclature Douane Belgique Vins Tranquilles
Alcohol Degree 13
Vintage 2016
Type of Product Wines
Volume 75cl
Colour White
Country France
Region Alsace,
Appellations Alsace, Alsace Grand Cru
Château Domaine or Brand Gustav Lorentz
Grape Variety Riesling
Time Keeping 10 years
Serving Temperature 10°, Chilled
Type of Wine Grand Cru, fruity white, Dry white wine
Nose Aroma citrus fruit, floral, fruity, tabacco, vegetal
Eye Robe straw yellow
Visual Aspect brilliant, intense, clear
Mouth Aspect backbone, elegant, fresh, dry
Mouthfeel Flavors fruity, mineral
Pairing Ideas aperitif, fish in sauce, smoked fish, scallops, oysters, sea food, shellfishs, choucroute, alsacian food

White Wines Gustav Lorentz

A high quality Riesling ! A round, very aromatic and fruity wine. A distinction and elegance guaranteed for this Riesling in old vines! “You can only be a winemaker out of passion: the harshness of the natural elements, the limitless work required by the vines and the noble result obtained each year require this passion that drives us. »Emblematic phrase and key word of the Maison Gustave Lorentz founded in 1836 and spanning 33ha in the heart of Alsace on the Coteaux de Bergheim. From this passion for the profession, the domain harvests only excellence each year with its wines all certified Organic, an essential reference for all lovers of quality wines !!

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