Rhum A.H Riise XO Reserve

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Classification France 220840 Rhums
Nomenclature Douane Belgique Spiritueux
Alcohol Degree 40
Type of Product Alcohols
Volume 70cl
Country Virgin Islands
Region Carribean Rums
Château Domaine or Brand A.H Riise
Serving Temperature Room Temperature
Pairing Ideas aperitif
Type of Spirit rums
Age XO
Rum Type traditional rum from molasses

rums AH Riise

AH Riise xo reserve is an exceptional rum from the Caribbean islands, it is a so-called Traditional rum (also called Molasses Rum *), it is aged up to 20 years in American oak barrels (bourbon). A.H Riise distillery. * Molasses: after extracting the sugar from the canes, this viscous, blackish liquid remains (comparable to wine marc) which still contains 50% sugar, which is distilled again to extract the remaining sugar. 90% of rums are made from molasses. Light rum is distilled in columns between 85 ° and 90 °, much less fragrant due to the high degree distillation. Light rums can be distilled either from molasses or vesou. Sugar can be added to round out the taste and improve the color.

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