Les 2 Vaches 100% Tannat Red South West Wine by Chateau d'Aydie


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Classification France 220421 Vins de raisins frais, y.c. les vins enrichis en alcool (à l'excl. des vins mousseux); moûts de raisins dont la fermentation a été empêchée ou arrêtée par addition d'alcool, en récipients d'une contenance
Nomenclature Douane Belgique Vins Tranquilles
Alcohol Degree 13,5
Vintage 2018
Type of Product Wines
Volume 75cl
Colour Red
Country France
Region South West Region
Appellations Vin de France
Label Independant Winegrower
Grape Variety Tannat

Red Wines Château Aydie

Les 2 Vaches 100% Tannat Red South West Wine by Chateau d'Aydie. This 100% Tannat Piedmont Pyrenean red wine from the Laplace family is the logical continuation of what the Laplace family has been able to do since 1963 with its famous Château d'Aydie. That is to say, to magnify all the potential for fruity expression of Tannat. The color of this 2 red cows wine is a magnificent intense red with purple reflections, a sign of youth. On the nose, the 2 cows offer a red fruit aroma and nuances of vine peaches. the palate is round, supple and fresh like a fresh fruit. The choice of these 2 red cows on the label evokes the Béarn region Coat of Arms.

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