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  • Hine
  • Royer Cognac
  • Léonard Jean Pierre...
  • de Luez Cognac
  • Hennessy Cognac
  • Bisquit Cognac
  • Delamain Cognac
  • Frapin Cognac

    Offers on Cognac in calis like on Frapin Cognac . In the heart of 316 hectares in Grande Champagne, the cradle of the Frapin family, the Château de Fontpinot has seen many personalities including François Rabelais who appears in the family tree of this illustrious family of Cognac. The spirits are derived from a double distillation of a Charentes white wine grown on lees whose variety is the Ugni Blanc (240 hectares). Nothing surprising to find a fruity and floral character in these cognacs that have aged in Limousin oak barrels that will give this life its coppery and amber color.

  • Karavan
  • Cognac VS

    A Cognac VS is a Cognac that has spent at least 2 years in new barrels or that contained only cognac, from April 1 following the harvest. For a VS Superior it takes 3 years of oak barrel from April 1 following the harvest. Note that the cellar should only contain cognacs with no other exception. A VS Cognac will offer qualities of liveliness and youth, it is little tannic and less complex than its big brothers VSOP XO and Hors d'Age is mainly used in cocktail and elaborate cuisine.

  • Cognac VSOP
  • Cognac XO
  • J.Dupont Cognac
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Showing 1 - 31 of 31 items