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Aniseed Liqueurs and Pastis 

Buy in Calais Aniseed Liqueurs and Pastis. Pastis is an alcoholic drink flavored with anise and liquorice.

Pastis is made by aromatizing a neutral alcohol of agricultural origin with extracts of anisvert, star anise, fennel and natural extracts of licorice. This flavoring can be obtained by three processes (or a combination of the three): macerat...

Buy in Calais Aniseed Liqueurs and Pastis. Pastis is an alcoholic drink flavored with anise and liquorice.

Pastis is made by aromatizing a neutral alcohol of agricultural origin with extracts of anisvert, star anise, fennel and natural extracts of licorice. This flavoring can be obtained by three processes (or a combination of the three): maceration, distillation and addition of natural extracts.

Add between five and seven volumes of fresh water for a volume of Pastis. Pastis is cloudy because ingredients not soluble in water (anise, fennel ..) form emulsions in contact with water.

The yellow color of a Pastis is due to a dye, caramel is often used. There are white pastis without dye and blue pastis. You will find on our site the great classics that are Ricard and Pastis 51, Pastis 51 Rosé or Pastis 51 glacial but also Aqualanca and Pastis Henri Bardouin.

Anisette is an anise liquor characterized by a sugar content greater than 100 gr / liter (15 ° alcohol minimum). Marie Brizard is an anisette.Several Mediterranean countries produce an alcohol based on anise, you will find on our website Arak, Ouzo, Raki, Sambuca.

Several cocktails are based on aniseed aperitif. The most famous are Tomato (grenadine & aniseed), Moorish (orgeat & anise syrup), Parrot (mint & anise syrup), Canary (lemon & anise syrup).



  • Sambuca Italian Anise...

    Buy in Calais cheap Sambuca Italian Anise Flavoured Liqueur. Sambuca is a sweet liqueur that comes from Italy. Sambuca is made with star anise and several other spices according to the recipes, depending on the house aging in oak barrels is possible. Sambuca is eaten as an aperitif like an anisette lengthened with water with ice cubes, as a digestive, as an accompaniment to Italian Ristretto coffee or flambé. The best-known brand is Sambuca Luxardo.

  • Ricard

    Ricard is a drink based on alcohol, anise and liquorice mainly. Ricard bears the name of its founder, Paul Ricard who created this pastis in 1932 at the age of 22 years. Nowadays, Ricard is more than 40 million liters per year that are sold around the world. France remains the main market since Ricard is the first alcoholic beverage sold in France. The advent of the Popular Front and paid holidays in 1936, helped to popularize this economic drink (1/5 of pastis for 4/5 of water) to the good taste of holidays.

    Ricard belongs to the group Pernod Ricard, world leader in the distribution of alcoholic beverages, it is in the portfolio, Perrier Jouet champagne, Lillet, Malibu, Absolut vodka, Whiskeys Clan Campbell, Chivas and Glenlivet, but also almost all Irish whiskeys starting with the Jameson brand. With the Jack Daniel's brand, the Ricard brand is the most active brand in the world of collectors who snatch all the promotional items that have carried the Ricard brand.

  • Pastis Henri Bardouin
  • Pastis P'tit Bleu

    The Liquoristerie de Provence wanted to break the code dating from 1932 with the creation of Pastis by Paul Ricard, who wanted a pastis once troubled with a volume of water is Yellow. Le Petit Bleu is a Pastis, based on anise and licorice mainly, but this alcohol-based aperitif is blue. Once lengthened with water it takes a beautiful translucent pastel turquoise blue color that is reminiscent of the great blue, the Mediterranean sea, the holidays and the sun.

  • Ouzo Greek Spirit...

    Best store in calais to buy cheap alcohol like the Ouzo a Greek Spirit aniseed flavoured. The ouzo is classified in France as an aperitif based on alcohol. . This aniseed aperitif is native to Greece and only from Greece. The main ingredients of Ouzo are anise, coriander, clove, cinnamon, fennel, mint, liquorice. Ouzo is a colorless alcohol that turns white when it is lengthened with water, but the most common way to consume it in Greece is to alternate a sip of Ouzo with a sip of cool water. It is consumed as an aperitif accompanied by mézés and some chefs use it to make sorbets served on cold fish entrees. The majority of houses that produce Ouzon are on the island of Mytilene in the archipelago of the islands of Lebos

  • Arak or Araq Aniseed...

    Buy in Calais cheap alcohol like Arak or Araq Aniseed Flavoured Spirit from the Levant. Raki (Arak in Arabic) is an anise-flavored brandy, consumed mainly in the Near and Middle East, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria Iraq. In Turkey it is nicknamed "Milk Lions" because it is cloudy and turns to white if we add a volume of water. Unlike Pastis it does not contain liquorice. Once arak is produced, it is aged in terracotta jars so that the aromas mix harmoniously. The rakki is drunk as an aperitif served next to a glass of water or pure digestive.

  • Pastis

    Pastis comes from the word Provençal which can be translated as "mixture". And that's the case! Pastis as we know it is the result of a blend of a blend of neutral alcohol of agricultural origin and plants, herbs and roots that were at hand in the Provencal countryside. Every family every hamlet had its recipe. The first time that the word "Pastis" was used on a bottle label is by Paul Ricard who created in 1932 its brand Pastis Ricard, with an original recipe adding to the traditional recipes of licorice. All around the Mediterranean has a great tradition of alcoholic drinks based on anise and licorice. Pastis is used in a lot of cocktails (MAuresque, Tomato, Parrot, Key West), but it is well as an aperitif elongated with ice water that it is most consumed. Pastis is usually yellow once it is lengthened with water but there are also white pastis and blue pastis.

    The paid holidays of 1936 of the Popular Front were the catalyst for the development of pastis in France. The French have brought back from their holidays in the sun this alcohol which evokes so much the holidays and the sun.

    Pastis must have a minimum titre of 40 ° in France, but to obtain the designation Pastis de Marseille it must be at least 45 ° alcohol and must have a sugar content of less than 100 gr per liter.

  • Anisette Liqueur

    Anisette Liqueur, or aniseed, is an anise-based liquor with a sugar content greater than 100 grams per liter and a degree of alcohol between 20 ° and 25 °. Anisette has experienced its golden age in Algeria where it was launched in 1872 by the Martinique company. The return to Metropolitan France of the contingent of soldiers stationed in Algeria in the 1870s popularized this drink. Then, the massive arrival of the "Blackfeet" during the declaration of independence of Algeria definitely contributed to place the anisette on the shelf of the wine merchants of France. As Italy often launches cocktail fashions, try a variation of the Hugo Cocktail, an extract of anisette (Sambucca in Italy) Prosecco, sparkling ice water and 3 mint leaves.

  • Pastis 51

    Pastis 51 is a historic brand of Pastis in France. This brand was launched in 1951 by Pernod. Pernod already sold Pernod 45 but it was not really a Pastis because it lacked liquorice recipe. Today, the 51 brand is part of the Pernod Ricard group. The 51 is very popular in the Provence Alpes Cotes d'Azure Region (PACA)

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