Absinthe Absente 55° Van Gogh

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Classification France 220890 Calvados Eau de Vie Prune Poire Cerise de fruits .... Arak Ouzo Téquila
Nomenclature Douane Belgique Spiritueux
Alcohol Degree 55
Type of Product Alcohols, Gift Ideas and Acessorries
Volume 70cl
Country France
Region , Provence
Château Domaine or Brand Absente, Distilleries et domaines de France
Pairing Ideas liqueur, aperitif
Type of Spirit aniseed spirits, absente bitter, Absinthe, aperitif

Gift Ideas and Acessorries Absente

Absinthe Absinthe 55 ° Van Gogh offers a surprising aromatic persistence: in addition to absinthe, flavors of anise, mint and spices. Ignite during the legendary ceremonial mixing absinthe, sugar and fully appreciate its incomparable color. Absente is made from absinthe plants (Artemisia Absinthium) that have a strong bitterness. These aromatic plants contain a bitter and toxic essence (thujone) which is regulated (paragraph legislation) .Tips: Some ideas to practice according to the tastes and the desires, according to the tradition with the ritual of the spoon, on crushed ice, or for thrill seekers: nature. With Absente, everything is allowed.ente 55° Van Gogh

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