Absinthe Supérieure La Fée Parisienne 70cl

Absinthe Supérieure La Fée Parisienne 70cl View larger

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Alcohol Degree 68
Type of Product Alcohols
Volume 70cl
Award-Winning Guide Listed Spirits Business Grand Master 2012
Pairing Ideas liqueur, aperitif
Type of Spirit aniseed spirits, absente bitter, Absinthe, flambé alcohols, aperitif

flambé alcohols La Fée Parisienne

Absinthe Superieure La Fée Parisienne 70cl natural ingredients. This Absinth is made according to an authentic 19th century recipe. Before dilution, its limpid robe, as clear as intense, announces an attractive nose, with a fresh bouquet of aromatic herbs. Adding ice water creates a milky yellow-green cloudiness. Its soft texture on the palate is accompanied by refreshing aromas with discreet spicy notes. In the mid-palate, an appetizing aroma of anise is expressed. The Parisian Fairy is rich and powerful, with a strong personality certainly, but all in harmony. It is always accompanied by the same preparation ritual. To mask its natural bitterness, Absinthe liqueur is sweet. A special spoon allows you to place a piece of sugar above the glass after pouring the liquor into it. By a skilful dosage of the trickle of water passing through the sugar, the fine drinker obtains the ideal mixture. It was not until 1988 that a law regulating the presence of thujone, fenchone and pinocamphone again authorized the production of this spirit which will henceforth be the subject of a new designation "spirits flavored with absinth plant".

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