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  • Crémants and French...

    Crémants and French Sparkling Wines Appellations for wedding. More than 30 cremants and traditional methods in store. A crémant is a wine that has been made bubbly by proceeding to a second fermentation in bottle by adding to the wine of tranquil yeast and sugar. The bottle is clogged and the gas released during fermentation, will be trapped in the bottle and incorporated slowly by dissolution in the wine. A confusion settled between crémant of champagne, champagne and method champenoise. In the 1990s, a legal clarification allowed to create 7 Cremant appellations in France, Crémant de Loire, Crémant de Bourgogne, Crémant de Bordeaux, Crémant d'Alsace, Crémant du Jura, Crémant de Limoux and Crémant de Die.

  • French Sparkling Wines...

    French Sparkling Wines and Traditional Methods ideal for a wedding or a party at discounted prices.

    The so-called "Champenoise" method of making mousse is now called (to avoid any confusion with champagne) is then called Méthode Traditionnelle.Un wine whose origin is out of 7 Crémant appellations in France that has been transformed into sparkling wine will be so a traditional method simply.

    Do not confuse a traditional method (making natural foam in bottle) with a sparkling wine that has artificially added pressurized gas in a closed tank

  • Sparkling Rose Wine

    Sparkling Rose Wine for party and wedding or Cocktails

  • Medium Dry French...

    Medium Dry French Sparkling Wines for Cocktails and wedding

  • Sparkling Wines...

    For a wedding or a party Sparkling Wines Magnums Jeroboams and even more

  • Half Bottles of French...

    Half Bottles of French Sparkling Wine

  • Organic French...

    Organic French Sparkling Wines are a great idea for a wedding wine

  • Brands and big names...

    Brands and big names of French Sparkling Wines perfect for a wedding wine  There is not only champagne in life ..... Beautiful brands like Bailly Lapierre, François Montand or Charles pelletier in France, but also Freixenet, Monistrol for the cavas, La Tordera for the Proseccos we offer bubbles very good quality.

  • Brut French Sparkling...

    Brut French Sparkling Wines

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Showing 1 - 48 of 54 items