Zacapa Centenario 23 Years Old Sistema Solera Guatemalan Rum

Zacapa Centenario 23 Years Old Sistema Solera Guatemalan Rum View larger

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Classification France 220840 Rhums
Nomenclature Douane Belgique Spiritueux
Alcohol Degree 40
Type of Product Alcohols
Volume 70cl
Country Guatemala
Region Southern & Central America Rums
Château Domaine or Brand Zacapa Rhums
Serving Temperature Room Temperature
Pairing Ideas liqueur, aperitif, chocolate based dessert
Type of Spirit rums
Age Solera 23 Years
Rum Type dark rum, old rum, solera rum, hispanic tradition rum, traditional rum from molasses, rum with a special finish

rums Zacapa

The color of this 23 year old Zacapa Solera Rum is a light mahogany hue, the nose is marked by caramel, vanilla and cocoa, hazelnuts and a ripe banana finish. On the palate this Zacapa Rum 23 years Solera is complex, full-bodied marked by notes of classic honey for a rum of this age indication, followed by dried apricots, sweet spices (nutmeg, vanilla) then the cooked and light tobacco. The Rhumerie Zacapa is in Guatemala, Zacapa has 3 peculiarities that make Zacapa Rums so complex. Zacapa uses the nectar from cane juice, Zacapa uses yeasts extracted from pineapple for fermentation and Zacapa raises rum to more than 2,300m above sea level.
The barrels used for refining are old bourbon barrels, Spanish sherry and European wine.

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