Ouzo Timavou Aniseed Aperitif from Greece

Ouzo Timavou Aniseed Aperitif from Greece View larger

Data sheet

Alcohol Degree 40
Type of Product Alcohols
Volume , 70cl
Country Greece
Château Domaine or Brand Ouzo Timavou
Pairing Ideas grilled fish, oysters, sea food, shellfishs, aperitif
Type of Spirit aniseed spirits, Ouzo, aperitif


The ouzo classified as aniseed aperitifs is made from a very precise combination of grapes, herbs, berries and anise. Distilled twice from grapes in an old copper still boiler, ouzo Tirnavou draws all its complexity from anise and 14 other herbs and spices, such as fennel, cinnamon or nutmeg The ouzo is then left to rest for two months in stainless steel tanks to give it more homogeneity. The ouzo is usually eaten on ice, sometimes slightly diluted, as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to seafood and fish. The ouzo, the national drink of Greece, is a 100% Greek product that can only be produced in the territory. The ouzo is also protected by the European Union as an exclusively Greek product since 2006.

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