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Buy Beers in Calais 

Beers offers in Calais. As you can see, Calais Vins and Franglais Vins superstores is also a beautiful beer cellar where you will find a wide variety of Belgian beers and regional beers available just a few clicks away. Located at the Belgian border, Calais Vins offers you the opportunity to buy tasting beer at the best value for money.


  • Belgium Beers Cellar

    Belgium Beers cellar

  • Beers by Type

    Beers by type represent the wide range of beers according to their flavors:

    - the blonde: because of her light blond dress is a sweet beer.
    - la blanche: it is a refreshing beer, brewed with a high proportion of wheat.
    - the brown: the dark beer is a brown beer that goes from mahogany brown to ebony black, obtained through the use of malt more or less roasted with a high and sweet fermentation.
    - amber: it is a light red beer, brewed from unroasted malt and roasted malt.
    - the triple: it is a beer that would have undergone two or three successive fermentations it has a higher alcohol content.
    - Fruity: Beer with fruity characters and citrus Fruit beer is pleasantly sweet and sparkling.
    - Bio: "Bio" beer is at the level of the quality of the ingredients, they come from organic farming. It is a thirst-quenching beer with many different tastes.
    Come taste all our flavors according to your desires and your tastes.

  • Northern France Beer

    Northern France Beer. Discover France through its regions and specialties through beer. Beer is the first alcoholic beverage consumed in France. Discover our wide range of French beer from the North, the Pas de Calais of the Somme, beers from the Hauts de France region: blond, white, brown, amber, triple, fruity and organic. Enjoy it as you wish, at any time.

  • World Beers

    World Beers. Beer lovers will be delighted to discover our beautiful range of beers from different countries such as England, Ireland, Germany ...

  • French Beers

    Buy cheap French Beers in Calais. France is a country of beer and quality brewers. Long concentrated in the North and East of France, the revival of beer now concerns all regions of France. Many new production regions have opened up in recent years: Brittany beers, Lyonnais beers with the Ninkasi brewery, Ardèche with Bourganel or Normandy with De Sutter are all new breweries offering beers. to discover. There are currently over 2300 different brands of beers in France.

  • Beer Selection by Volume

    Beer selection by volume
    25cl beer
    Beer 33cl
    75cl beer
    Beer 1.5L
    5L barrel
    6L barrel

  • Beer Glasses by Size

    Beer Glasses by Size

    Wide range of beer glasses of all brands at Calais Vins. Glass balloon, glass on foot, mug, classic glass, each beer has its own glass! Discover the biggest brands: Leffe glass, Hoegaarden glass, Karmeliet glass, Kwak glass, Affligem glass .. Beer glasses of all sizes: 25cl, 33cl, 50cl, 1.5L and even 3L! Beer lovers as well as collectors will appreciate our wide range of beer glasses.

  • English Ale - English...

    Our selection of English Ale in this category .England, Wales and Scotland are great beer producers, discover the variety and diversity of its beer types.

  • Bières Irelandaises
  • Beer Gift Sets

    Buy in Calais cheap Beer Gift Sets . Beer is a product that is more and more the object of a gift. Discover boxes of beers, magnums or double magnums of beers, these boxes allow to discover different kinds of beers and sometimes propose the glass of the brewery. Also compose a box according to the theme that you like, blondes, amber, triples, IPA, fruity.

  • Unusual Beer Brands -...

    Unusual Beer Brands - Funny-named beers Come and discover the most unusual beers such as kékette, Jacquie and Michel, ACDC, rince pig ... Taste it with friends, or with family. A good way to discover beer in a friendly moment. Make discover to your relatives and your friends.


  • Beer by Brand and Brewery

    Beer by Brand and Brewery. You are looking for exceptional beers, discover our wide range of beer.
    Find the beers that suit you at Calais Vins.
    Beer fans will find on our website all the brands and a huge beer panel.
    Choose your beer by brand or brewery, you will find the Leffe, the Chimay, the Grimbergen, the Kwak, the Plow Tail but also many others.

  • Beer Gift Sets

    Beer Gift Sets A range of beer boxes at the best price on the web

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Showing 1 - 48 of 762 items