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  • Bourbon Whiskey

    Bourbon is a whiskey produced in the USA mainly in Kentucky from corn for at least 51% then other cereals such as barley, rye ..... This alcohol is aged in barrels of which interior was previously burned. This is what gives this amber color always very marked in the Bourbons. If there is wheat then it is wheaten bourbon.

    This alcohol is distilled at 80 ° minimum, straight bourbon indicates that the whiskey has spent at least 2 years in barrels. Discover the Bourbon whiskey through the beautiful brands that we offer. Elijah Craig, Mark Makers, Early Times, Four Roses, Buffalo Trace, Wild Turkey, Evan William's, Woodford Reserve, Black Jack, John B Stetson, Rebel Yell, Eagle Rare.

    This alcohol bears the name of Bourbon in tribute to Louis XVI King of France who supported the creation of the American nation and which belonged to the house of Bourbons.

  • Buffalo Trace Distillery

    Buffalo Trace is the name of a Bourbon but also the name of a whiskey distillery in Frankfurt, Kentucky that produces rye, barley and wheat whiskey. The marks produced there are all equally well known; Eagle Rare, BLanton'sOriginal, Van Winkle. The name of this distillery comes from its location, on the edge of a ford that allowed herds of Bisons (Buffalo Angais) to cross the Kentucky River on foot almost dry. Fun fact is that the Buffalo Trace Distillery was one of four distilleries to be allowed to continue distilling whiskeys for medical purposes during the Prohibition. Here's what to bring water to the mill of those who consider that the Bourbon should be repaid by social security ...

  • Bulleit Kentucky...

     Bulleit Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey The Bulleit brand produces Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey which belongs to the Diageo LVMH Group. What characterizes Bulleit is its very high content in Rye (Rye in English) which makes us talk about Rye Wiskey regarding Bulliet .. Aging in barrels previously "caramelized" by burning lasts at least 6 years. The production of these very rye Bourbons is done by Four Roses in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. The Bulleit green tag has more rye (95%) than the orange tag (30% rye). The Bulleit brand had a renaissance in the 80s since it was relaunched by Ton Bulleit, which took the recipe of his great grandfather Augustus Builleit.
    The shape of the bottle is reminiscent of the flanks of pioneers of the Wild West and gives this Rye whiskey an even more authentic look.

  • Copper Fox Distillery

    The Fox Copper distillery is run by Rick Wasmund is located in Virginia and as such does not produce Bourbon maius an American Whiskey, in the good town of Sperryville. Rick graduated from Bowmore. Copper Fox is the only barley malting distillery that is dried on apple and cherry wood fires, giving the malts a slight hint of smoke. Copper Fox's whiskeys are then aged for at least 12 months in bourbon casks. A wax cap is added manually to seal the bottle. The distillery also produces an absolutely breathtaking Rye Whiskey.

  • Elijah Craig
  • Evan William's

    Evan Williams is a brand of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey produced by Heaven Hill Distillery in Louisville but bottled in Bardstown, Kentucky. Heaven Hill holds one of the largest stock of old Bourbons still aging. The Evan William's brand was created in memory of Mr Williams, who said he was the first Kentucky distiller to settle in 1783 on the shores of Ohio. This bourbon spent at least 4 years in barrels and is one of the references in the Bourbons.

  • Four Roses Bourbon

    The story of Four Roses starts in 1865 in the USA. Shortly after the Civil War between North and South, Paul Jones opened a liquor store in Atlanta and a distillery. The legend says that his son falls in love with a girl from the South and decides to ask his hand. To signify her consent, she had to stitch four red roses in her bodice on the evening of the ball ... That's how, in 1888, Paul gave the name of Four Roses to this Bourbon and set up a distillery in the Kentucky land of Bourbons. .Four Roses is elaborated in the respect of the artisanal methods. This floral and fruity bourbon is the result of a 69% blend of corn, rye and malted barley. The pure, limestone-free water of the Salt River contributes to its soft, mellow character. The Four Roses Distillery is located in Kentucky. Its great specificity is the production of ten different flavors of Bourbon that go into the composition of Four Roses Yellow and Bourbon Four Roses Small Batch.

  • Heaven Hill Distellerie
  • Jack Daniel's
  • Jim Bean

    The Beam family emigrated to the United States and took over Kentucky in 1750. Jacob Bean was the first of his family to set up a distillery around 1770. Seven generations later, the family was at the head of an empire in the worlds alcohols. Jim Beam, one of Jacob's successors, ran the distillery from 1894 to 1946. He impressed the company so much that the band's flagship brand took its name. This man was so perfectionist that he always had at home a sample of yeast used at the distillery in case a fire came to destroy everything. The Jim Beam white label is the best-selling Bourbon in the world.

  • Knob Creek Small Batch...

    Knob Creek Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The Knob Creek brand is a brand of Jim Beam Co. A Knob Creek has more rye (around 13%) than the Jim Beam, it is aged 9 years in barrels making it the oldest Bourbon in the range of Jeam Beam. The presence of more rye ensures this bourbon a dry and spicy finish very pleasant.

  • Maker's Mark

    The Bourbon Maker's Mark is distilled in Kentucky at Loretto. The main grains used for this Kentucky Bourbon are soft red winter wheat, corn and malted barley. The first production was born in 1959 and the immediate success of this Bourbon has never failed to be present on the shelves of all luxury bars in the world. Its quality and also its iconic bottle, rather angular and sealed with red wax we do the work.

  • Wild Turkey Bourbon

    Wild Turkey is a brand of Kentucky Straigh Bourbon Whiskey created by the Ripy brothers in Lawrenceburg in 1869. Eddie Russell succeeds his father Jimmy Russell nicknamed the master of the master distillers, as master distiller at Wild Turkey after 35 years of training at the side Even if only 2 years are enough for the bourbon to receive the mention "Straight", Wild Turkey's bourbons spend at least 5 years in barrels. For information, a point of "proof" corresponds to 0.5 ° alcohol. There are several assemblies of Wild Turkey, including the "81 proof" and "101 proof" (pronounced one-o-one) respectively at 40.5 and 50.5 degrees of alcohol.

  • Woodford Reserve

    The word "Plus" can characterize this distillery. It is the oldest, the smallest and the most patient of the nine distilleries that exist today in Kentucky. Woodford Reserve (formerly Labrot & Graham) is located in Versailles, Kentucky. The water is very calcareous and brings a particular style to this bourbon. The distillery dates back to at least 1812, and its aging cellars, built of stone (which is unique in Kentucky) are over a century old.
    Woodford Reserve differs from other distilleries because the fermentation tanks (first stage of development) are cypress (and not pine as usual), a wood chosen for its neutrality in the processing of corn, rye and wheat. malted barley. The other point of singularization is the stills. Indeed, it is specific enough to mention it, Woodford Reserve practices triple distillation (as in Ireland) in three different copper stills (pot stills), from Scotland, with a capacity of 9 500 liters. Aging in burnt barrels takes place, after reduction, in stone cellars that maintain a constant temperature. The Woodford Reserve is the official bourbon of the kentucky derby and the Breeder's Cup. This brand belongs to the group Brown Foreman also owner of Early Times.

  • Early Times Bourbon...

    The Shively Distillery in Kentucky produces the Bourbon Early Times, Kentucky's best-selling Kentucky bourbon and the fourth-best-selling bourbon in the world. Early Times is owned by the Brown Forman group which also owns the premium Bourbon Woodford Reserve brand. The peculiarity of Early Times is that this brand is sold outside the US borders as a Bourbon, but in the US it is sold as an American Whiskey because some futs that welcome the distillate to age are not all new barrels. It sells over 100,000 Early Times Mint Julep during the week of the Kentucky Derby.

  • LAbrot & Graham Bourbon

    The Labrot & Graham Distillery is formerly the Woodford Reserve Distillery, located in Versailles, Kentucky. The distillery was founded in 1812 by Elijah Pepper trained in distillation techniques in Virginia. Early Times' Brown Forman Group re-launched the distillery in 1996. The distillery was renamed Labrot & Graham in 2003. It is the smallest distillery in operation in Kentucky. Part of the production of the Woodford Reserve brand is distilled on site and another part is made in the Early Times distillery. This being the case, all aging is ensured in the cellars of Labrot & Graham.

  • Blanton's
  • KOVAL American Whiskey

    KOVAL American Whiskey

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