Pinot Gris Organic White Wine Heitz

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Classification France 220421 Vins de raisins frais, y.c. les vins enrichis en alcool (à l'excl. des vins mousseux); moûts de raisins dont la fermentation a été empêchée ou arrêtée par addition d'alcool, en récipients d'une contenance
Nomenclature Douane Belgique Vins Tranquilles
Alcohol Degree 13,5
Vintage 2016
Type of Product Wines
Volume 75cl
Colour White
Country France
Region Alsace
Appellations Alsace
Château Domaine or Brand Heitz
Winegrower Heitz
Label Organic, Independant Winegrower
Grape Variety Pinot Gris
Time Keeping 5 years
Serving Temperature 10°
Type of Wine fruity white, semi sweet white, sweet
Nose Aroma citrus fruit, white- fleshed fruit, fruity, honey
Eye Robe straw yellow
Visual Aspect brilliant, clear, intense
Mouth Aspect elegant, fresh, unctuous
Mouthfeel Flavors fruity
Pairing Ideas poultry, fruit based dessert, smoked fish, foie gras, fish in sauce, aperitif

White Wines Heitz

Pinot Gris Organic Alsace  White Wine HeitzMr Heitz produces some of the best organic wines, this Pinot Gris is a wine with a balanced mouth, the fat complements the acidity and freshness. The finish evokes exotic fruits. The Heitz family produces quality wines respectful of the environment, it is in the DNA of the family !! When you open a bottle of Heitz wine from Molsheim, you pour nature into your glass! Tradition, Nature and Passion can be the keywords that characterize the Heitz house. With great respect for the environment, the Philippe Heitz family in Molsheim cultivates 7 ha of vines in organic farming. He has subscribed to a European specification for organic cultivation in which he undertakes to cultivate without chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides.

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