Verveine du Velay Green


ref: 14137

Alcohol Degree 55
Type of Product Alcohols
Volume 50cl
Country France
Château Domaine or Brand Vedrenne, Pagès Distillerie du Velay
Pairing Ideas liqueur
Type of Spirit liqueur

liqueur Pagès

Verbena Velay Verte de Pagès is all the power and freshness of the association of the scent of verbena leaves and many aromatic plants and herbs. The Veray Verbena liqueur from Velay is a secret recipe like the production of Chartreuses des Pères Chartreux, it is made of verbena leaves and many other plants, aromatics and spices that will be used for maceration and distillation. plants are introduced into copper stills with brandy and alcohol. These water bath stills provide gentle and slow heating. This method will capture the aromas and produce the distillates which will serve as the basis for the production of the VERVEINE pages of the VELAY. The master distiller then proceeds to assemble all the ingredients: alcoholates, plant infusions, verbena leaf infusions, honey from Auvergne, sugar and cognac according to the recipes. Each Verbena from Velay is left to age in the cellars for months, they will slowly improve in oak barrels and acquire softness and finesse.

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