Pre-Christmas Shopping: Save big on wines and spirits

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The festive season is nearly upon us, and there's a lot to love about it — cozy gatherings, twinkling lights, and, of course, the joy of giving and receiving. One thing that can make the holiday season even more delightful is the perfect bottle of wine, spirits, or beer to accompany your celebrations. But what if we told you that you could not only find your ideal beverage but also save big on your pre-Christmas shopping? Calais Vins and Olivier Vins & Cie have joined forces to bring you an incredible offer that will make your pre-Christmas shopping experience truly special. In this blog post, we'll dive into the details of this exciting offer and how you can make the most of it.

Unlocking Savings: Pre-Christmas Shopping Made Easy

Imagine this: a pre-Christmas shopping spree in France, where the ferry ride is free, and you get to enjoy duty-free savings on your favourite wines, beers, and spirits. Calais Vins and Olivier Vins & Cie have made this dream come true. Here's how you can make the most of it:

  1. Shop Online: Visit and select €300 or more worth of wine, beer, or spirits.
  2. Choose the Day Trip Offer: At checkout, opt for the Day Trip offer and prepay €23 for the ferry crossing. Don't worry; you'll get this amount refunded.
  3. Collect Your Purchases: Head to Calais Vins or Olivier Vins et Cie to collect your orders. While you're there, grab a refund coupon for P&O Ferries, which you can use at the on-board boutique.
  4. Stay Within Allowances: Remember to stay within the legal allowances for wine and alcohol when returning to the UK.
  5. Claim Your VAT: Here's the cherry on top — 15% of your VAT will be refunded within a few days.

Setting the Perfect Pre-Christmas Table

As you prepare to set the pre-Christmas table, selecting the right wine, spirits, or beer to complement your festive feast is essential. Calais Vins and Olivier Vins & Cie, formerly known as Franglais Wine, are your holiday shopping companions, offering expert advice on wine and meal pairings tailored to British Christmas meals. Whether you're serving turkey, roast ham, or roasted chestnuts, they have curated a selection of choices that will elevate any holiday gathering. And what's more, these selections come at incredible prices, with potential savings of over 50% on Crémant and numerous hidden gems available for less than £10. For those looking to make a statement, the top-notch choices priced over £15 are guaranteed to impress. And the icing on the Christmas cake? You'll enjoy duty-free savings and a complimentary ferry crossing!

chateau mouton rotschild wine

Surprise Your Friends with Hidden Gems and Premium Cruises

While great deals abound, the most significant discounts can often be found on fine wines and premium spirits. With a 15% duty-free reduction, the savings become even more substantial on grand cru wines and exquisite spirits. Calais Vins and Olivier Vins et Cie are renowned for their exceptional selections. As an example, purchasing a 2005 Château Mouton Rothschild at €890 means a British consumer can claim back €133.50 of VAT, provided they consume the beverage in the UK.

Pre-Christmas Shopping for Spirits

But it's not just about wine; Calais Vins boasts an impressive selection of 300 premium whiskies. For instance, an ARDBEG AN OA Islay Single Malt Whiskey priced at €55.95 becomes even more enticing at €47.56 with the duty-free savings.

Elevate your holiday festivities with the exclusive selection of Thompson Brothers Distillery's premium spirits

Indulge in the spirit of the season with the finest selection of whiskies, gins, and rums crafted by the passionate brothers, Phil and Simon Thompson, at Thompson Brothers Distillery. Nestled in the heart of Dornoch, this distillery stands as a testament to the art of traditional distillation brought back to life. Among their remarkable creations is the award-winning Organic Mediterranean Gin, a crowd favorite celebrated for its unique flavor profile. Their Blended Scotch Malt Whisky, , and Single Malt Whisky have received accolades from both enthusiasts and industry professionals.  This Christmas, gift the joy of exquisite craftsmanship and the warmth of tradition with Thompson Brothers Distillery’s exceptional spirits. Embrace the holiday spirit and savor the essence of Dornoch's legacy, making this festive season truly exceptional. Cheers to a spirited Christmas and a brighter future with Thomason Brothers!

thmpson borthers whisky, gins and rums

Why Choose Pre-Christmas Shopping in France?

The answer is simple: alcohol is more heavily taxed in the UK than in France. When you spend €300 or more at Calais Vins, you not only enjoy duty-free shopping but also a free ferry crossing. Additionally, on a €300 purchase, you can look forward to a €45 duty refund.


This pre-Christmas season, embrace the spirit of savings, delight your taste buds, and make lasting memories with Calais Vins and Olivier Vins & Cie. With duty-free shopping and a complimentary ferry crossing, your pre-Christmas shopping experience just got a whole lot merrier. Don't miss out on this opportunity to discover hidden wine gems, enjoy fine whiskies and spirits, and stock up on your favourite drinks whilst saving big. Make your pre-Christmas celebrations memorable, and bring home the perfect bottle to toast to the joy of the season. Visit Calais Vins or Olivier Vins to start your pre-Christmas shopping adventure today.

UK Duty Free Allowances:

• beer - 42 litres • wine (not sparkling) - 18 litres You can also bring in either: • spirits and other liquors over 22% alcohol - 4 litres • fortified wine (for example port, sherry), sparkling wine, and alcoholic drinks up to 22% alcohol - 9 litres You can split this last allowance, for example, you could bring 4.5 litres of fortified wine and 2 litres of spirits (both half of your allowance).

How Does the Refund Work?

With Global Blue Collect your Tax Free Form from the store. Scan the barcode on the form at the kiosks located at the PABLO terminal in the ferry port. Located in the main building after the customs. Or in the passenger building for Eurotunnel.

Get ready for a festive treat! Calais Vins and Olivier Vins & Cie are offering incredible savings on wines, spirits, and beers for your pre-Christmas shopping. Enjoy duty-free shopping, a free ferry ride, and expert pairing advice. Discover hidden gems and premium options while making lasting holiday memories.

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