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HELLYERS ROAD Original "Roaring 40 s" Australian Single Malt Whiskey

ref: 13716


HELLYERS ROAD Original "Roaring 40 s" Australian Single Malt Whiskey.

This whiskey is an Australian whiskey. A member of the Commonwealth, Australians necessarily have cousins ​​in Scotland, whether near or far. There are 27 whiskey distilleries in Australia with a region that stands out with nine, Tasmania. In recent years, Australian whiskeys have greatly improved, an immediate effect of the economic policy favoring made in Australia. The production of whiskey in Australia has not escaped this phenomenon to the delight of whiskey lovers, who discover malts from around the world. It was not until 1990 that it was again authorized to distill in Australia, this old law dating from 1838 was corrected.

HELLYERS ROAD Original is a Single malt.

To be classified as Single Malt a whiskey must follow 2 important rules. The whiskey be produced in a single distillery (Single), but also come only from malted cereals, the Malt. The malted cereal must be barley, sometimes in rare cases it happens to use rye. Scotland is the main supplier of single malt. These are then Scotch Single Malt Whiskey, but you will find other countries such as Australia, Japan, India, the Czech Republic or France which also distill excellent Single Malts. The principles remain the same, the whiskey must come from a single distillery and the cereal used must be malted barley.


Type of Product Alcohols
Volume 70cl
Country Australia
Appellations Single Malt
Château Domaine or Brand Hellyers
Type of Spirit whiskey
Whiskey Type Single Malt
Alcohol Degree 40
incl. VAT
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