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  • Irish Coffee

    Irish Coffee 

    Irish Coffee is a cocktail of coffee, sugar, whiskey and cream. It is eaten hot and drunk by the glass
    This drink would have been created by Joseph Sheridan in the 30s Ireland. Transatlantic passengers arrived cold and dreamed of only one thing: to drink something warm and invigorating. The whiskey and coffee with the cream on top looked like Guinness.

    There are many ways to prepare Irish coffee:
    Sweeten the hot coffee and pour the whiskey.

    Sugar Whiskey, heat the whiskey and pour the coffee.

    Heat the coffee mixture, whiskey sugar with the nozzle of an espresso machine.

    Whatever the method, the difficulty is to get the cream to float on the hot liquid. To do this, use the Mastercocktail, a brilliant invention that allows you to succeed with each cocktail.

    Do not forget to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the patron saint of Ireland on March 17th.

    Ingredients for Irish Coffee:
    2 cl cane sugar
    4 cl Irish Whiskey
    10 cl hot coffee
    4 cl of fresh cream

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