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  • India

    The colonial influence of the United Kingdom on India explains the presence of whiskey. More whiskeys are consumed in India than Scotland exports. The Mc Dowell's brand is the world's leading volume brand, but the quality and process of making Indian whiskeys does not meet European standards with the exception of the Amrut distillery, which produces Scotch whiskeys.

  • England/Wales
  • Czech Republican whiskey

    Buy in calais at the best price Whiskey from Czech Republic - Hammer Head Whiskey. The Pardlo distillery is the only distillery in the Czech Republic to be distilled according to Scottish standards a single malt. The name of this single malt era a hammer mill installed near the distillery. This single malt has its place in our selection.

  • Australian Whiskeys

    Australian Whiskeys. Member of the Commonwealth, Australians are necessarily close cousins ​​or distant in Scotland. Australia has 27 whiskey distilleries with a leading region of 9, Tasmania. In recent years, the quality of Australian whiskeys has skyrocketed, immediate effect of economic policy favoring the made in Australia. The production of whiskey in Australia has not escaped this phenomenon to the delight of whiskey lovers who discover malts around the world. It was not until 1990 that he was again allowed to distill in Australia. this anachronism dating from 1838 has been corrected. We chose Hellyer Road Distillery to start your introduction to Australian Whiskey, as we were impressed by the sweetness of its production at the 2013 Whiskey Live Show.

  • Sweden Whiskies

    Our selection of quality Swedish Whiskey in this category. The Mackmyra distillery opened in 1999, and was surprisingly the first whiskey distillery in Sweden. A second distillery of the same group of 35 meters was built using the effects of gravity in 2011 and definitely replaces the first one. This distillery shows a sense of innovation and experimentation. Aging in beer barrels or cranberry wine has been attempted. We recommend you taste the original expression of the production of Mackmyra with Vit Hund, a crude version of the distillate, a kind of "Folle Blanche" freshly released stills with notes simply malty and fruity.

  • Whisky de Taïwan

    Kavalan is the name of the great distillery of Whiskeys of Taiwan. From the outset, Kavalan appealed to the greatest for advice and thus very quickly achieve a level of excellence. Multiple medals won in major international competitions attest to this. Consider that it was in 2006 that Kavalan's first production came out of the stills of the distilleries. The quality does not wait for many years in this case .... Thoughtful aging choices in bourbon, port and sherry casks have quickly raised Kavalan to a global level. The bubble created around Japanese whiskeys should benefit this distillery far from full production capacity. The hot and humid atmosphere of Taiwan opens up prospects for "whiskey researchers" experiments, but for now, malts are maturing more quickly. When is a Scottish Single Malt aged in tropical skies ??

    March 2015 is the apotheosis for this distillery, whiskey whiskey Solist Vinho Barrel Single Cask Strength (58.60%, aged in American oak barrels containing white and red wines) is voted best whiskey in the world. Less than 10 years after its debut, it's unheard of ...

  • Whiskies Canadiens
  • Whiskey FINLAND

    Whiskey FINLAND

  • German Whiskey

    German Whiskey

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