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Alcohol Degree 43
Type of Product Alcohols
Volume 70cl
Country Scotland
Appellations Highland, Single Malt, Arran
Château Domaine or Brand Arran
Pairing Ideas aperitif
Type of Spirit whiskey
Whiskey Type Single Malt

whiskey The Arran

ARRAN LOCHRANZA ARRAN Highlands Arran Single Malt Whiskey .

This ARRAN LOCHRANZA is a whiskey from Arran. There is in Arran only one and only distillery located in Lochranza. It was created in 1995 and owes a lot to Harold Currie, a former executive director of Chivas whiskeys who then moved to Pernod Ricard. The Arran distillery has only been authorized to name whiskey the fruit of its activity since 1998. Due to lack of space, part of the production is stored in the cellars of Springbank. The style of Arrran whiskeys is unpeated, slightly influenced by the proximity to the sea, and offers hints of iodine and saline. The structure is supple and hints of fruit are felt. The more it develops, the more Arran tests different finishes which each time until today really bring their effect. A bit of history, in the 19th century the elders say that there were about 50 all clandestine distilleries, the remoteness of the island made controls difficult. The production of whiskey from Arran was as sought after as were the whiskeys from the Glenlivet distillery. Arran whiskey is also used in the blend of blends including Robert Burns and Loch Ranza. The Isle of Arran is nicknamed Scotland in miniature, it is an exceptional place to visit where you will find all the Scottish landscapes in a small area. Arran served as a model for RG the father of Tintin to design his famous Black Island.

It is a whiskey from the Highlands, a region renowned as much for its whiskeys, with the largest region in terms of scotch whiskey production, as for its Highlanders Games or its famous Loch Ness. In the Highlands, a region in the north of Scotland, there are whiskeys of a breathtaking diversity, because under the same regional name coexist 30 distilleries, with styles as different as the whiskeys of the islands, with the exception of Islay (Jura, Skyes ...), whiskeys from the fertile plains of the West of Scotland, whiskeys from mountainous areas such as Ben Nevis, and whiskeys from the north such as Old Pulteney and Glenmorangie. 

ARRAN LOCHRANZA is a Single Malt.

To be classified as Single Malt a whiskey follows two essential rules. This whiskey must be the product of a single distillery (Single), then come only from malted cereals, the Malt. This malted cereal must be barley but in exceptional cases it is possible to use rye. Scotland is the main producer of single malt. These are Scotch Scotch Single Malt Whiskey, but there are other producing nations, for example Japan, India, Czech Republic or France which also produce Single Malts. The principles are always the same, this whiskey must come from a single distillery and the cereal used must be malted barley.

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